Bob Bellerue WORKSHOPS





22 Feb - 28 Mar @ Pioneerworks



Below are a few ideas for workshops that I can conduct for any age groups and levels of experience. I can discuss additional topics to match your needs. Please inquire for more info -


Experimental Sound Practices - a practice-based study into performing and recording with homemade & repurposed musical instruments, exploring different ways of playing traditional instruments, designing and using electronic systems to make your own world of sound. This 6-8 week workshop series combines the rest of the classes. Study guide


Contact Microphones - fabrication and operation of contact microphones. Listening to the internal sounds of objects, instruments, materials, and physical structures. Using with headphones and amplifiers. Playing with feedback.


Field Recordings - recording public/private ambient spaces, microphone techniques, on-site acoustic processing, recording with contact microphones and sensors


Feedback Synthesis - types, methods, and uses for controlled feedback within electro-mechanical-acoustic circuits. Hands-on examples making feedback using microphonic, physical, and electronic methods. Integrating feedback into instrumental works and traditional music forms.


AM/FW Radio and Live Streaming - using portable radios and smartphones for multidimensional sound for concerts and installations, playing with radio as a signal processing effect.


Multidimensional Sound Design - using groups of speakers of varied sizes, to add dimensionality to your sound practice, attaching speaker drivers to resonant objects to make a speaker object


Improvisation Within Chaotic Networks - riding the balance of the human body heart and mind within complex electronic systems, using voice, instruments/objects, recordings, and live circuits


DIY Audio Engineering - sound engineer basics, focusing on how to get results quickly and responsibly. Live sound and recording environments. Technical and aesthetic choices when selecting equipment, setting it up, mixing live in the room, mixing recordings in the studio. Soldering and repair basics, fix your own cables and build audio equipment.


Artistic History and Practice - my own personal history 1986-present, covering art / curation / writing practices & projects, work experiences & insights, and social / emotional arcs relating to confidence as an artist and human. From confused punk, to musician / poet / event producer, to noise artist / venue / record label, to Technical Director and audio engineer


Experimental Sound Practices for children - listening to acoustic sounds and imitating them, playing with toy instruments and electronic soundmakers, using contact microphones to listen to the insides of objects and instruments, making music with non-musical instruments and objects.