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Audio engineer and designer

35 years of experience in live sound engineering, sound design, and event production, recording studios, videography, technical theater production,stage/ studio design & construction, A/V wiring, IT tech support, production management,....


Technical Director / Production Manager - oversee all technical needs for music / dance / theater events, and visual arts exhibitions; manage staff, equipment, budgets, and scheduling.

Audio Engineering – live and studio recording, mixing, mastering; live sound, front of house, monitor mix; system setup, studio design, wiring; troubleshooting, repairs

Video – videography, video installations, video editing

Graphic design – posters, CD / DVD / record packaging, promotional materials, press kits, websites.

Computer / IT – setup, installation, repair and systems design for Mac / PC

FDNY E27 certificate of fitness (Pyrotechnic Apprentice – Class C)



•May 2022-present•

Technical Director for Pioneer Works Art Foundation (Brooklyn NY)
Manage all technical needs for events and exhibitions; work closely with all artists, curators, and producers; supervise technical staff; manage budgets and paperwork; ensure alignment with legal requirements regarding labor rules and FDNY certification.

•Dec 2011-May 2022•
Technical Director for Issue Project Room (Brooklyn NY)
Manage and facilitate all technical needs for hundreds of events (primarily music and time-based arts); run FOH sound and tech for most events; work closely with all artists via email and in the theater; schedule technical employees; manage budgets and paperwork; oversee general building facilities (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, FDNY codes). 

•Oct 2008 to Dec 2011•
Technical Director for The Kitchen (New York NY)
Manage and facilitate all technical needs for the theater (dance, theater, music, film / video, literary), the gallery (visual art, sound installation, video projection, durational performance), special events (Fall Auction, Spring Gala, bi-annual Street Fair, sporadic fundraisers in private homes), and general building facilities (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, FDNY codes, DOB requirements, fire alarm testing, sprinkler inspection, security alarm maintenance, etc). Oversee budgets, schedule all technical employees, manage payroll and paperwork. Hands-on working with sound, video, lighting, rigging, art handling, carpentry, painting, repairs, etc.

•April 2012-Nov 2017•
Technical Director and Audio Engineer for Trajal Harrell
Manage technical needs and run sound for dozens of performances throughout the US, Europe, and South America.  Projects include "Antigone Sr", "Antigone Jr", "M2M: Judson Is Ringing In Harlem", "Odori", "Caen Amour", and "In The Mood for Frankie"

•Oct 2013 to present•
Technical Director for Cultural Services of the French Embassy (New York NY)
Oversee technical needs for dozens of productions, including: high-profile discourse festivals with TVs and speakers in 3 remote rooms; an all-night event with 5 performance spaces and thousands of attendees; and installing a visual art exhibition with 9 paintings, a 2 channel video with a custom hand-made projection screen, and 5 Harley Davidson motorcycles on the 2nd floor (without a freight elevator).

•June 2011 to present•
Curator, Producer, Fundraiser, Promoter, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Stage Manager, and Performer for the annual "Ende Tymes Festival" at various venues (Brooklyn / Queens NY)
Coordinate and produce 40-60 performances over 3-5 days at 1-3 venues on near-zero budget

•Nov 2012 - April 2013•
Production Manager for The Wooster Group (New York NY)
Manage 4 productions on tour to Santiago (Chile), Sao Paulo (Brasil), San Francisco and Los Angeles (CA); oversee all technical communications; make Vectorworks drawings; prepare international customs paperwork and shipping; and hands-on work during each production. 

•Dec 2011 to June 2012•
Production Manager, Stage Manager, Audio Engineer and Scenic Fabricator, for Sarah Michelson's "American Dancer" at The Whitney (New York NY)
Manage technical plans and schedule, lead fabrication of 5000 sq ft hand-painted stage, and FOH audio engineering for major performance event in a non-theatrical environment.   

•1988 – present•
Freelance Creative Technician (San Diego CA, Boulder CO, Los Angeles CA, Portland OR, Brooklyn NY)
Event production; Audio engineering services for stage and studio; audio editing, noise reduction, audio sweetening, mastering, live sound engineering; Video recording services, editing, mastering, DVD mastering; Sound design, lighting design, video design, set construction, art direction, stage management, stagehand for technical theater and dance; Studio construction, wiring, rack / equipment assembly; Live electronic music performance, sound installation, homemade instruments and software; Photographic and video documentation and archive management; Graphic design for flyers, programs, and websites; Set construction, art department, boom operator, sound recorder, assistant director, 2nd camera; LP / CD / cassette production and distribution. Locations and clients include The Kitchen, The Whitney Museum, Issue Prpject Room, Pioneerworks, HERE Arts Center, Highways Performance Space, Miles Playhouse, LA Theater Center, Unknown Theater, Che Café, Beyond Baroque, Il Corral, California Institute of the Arts, Naropa Institute, 20th St Arts Center, CU Boulder, Dairy Arts Center, Santa Fe Film Festival, Smegma Studios, Audio Impressions, Izod Arena, Giants Stadium, Dangerous Curve, BMOCA, 40 Bands in 80 Minutes, People Who Do Noise.

•2000 – 2008•
Freelance Macintosh / Network technician (Los Angeles CA, Portland OR, Brooklyn NY)
On-call computer technician for Macintosh computers and general network services. Troubleshoot problems for all users in the home, office, and studio. Setup and maintain small networks (routers, DSL/cable modems, wireless), configure and install network wiring, replace hardware, take apart machines (all models Macintosh, many Windows systems - desktop, laptop, server). Strength in troubleshooting, optimization of operating systems, creating good-practices instructions, support for the graphics / audio / video industries. Web and email hosting. Clients include Cornerstone Display Group, Twinart, 20th St Arts Center, IT4LA, California Institute of the Arts, Avamere, VCPI.


references available upon request