Bob Bellerue CURATION




Since 1988, Bob Bellerue has been booking and producing experimental / noise / post-punk events in the sub-garde DIY music community.

Bob got his start at the Che Cafe in San Diego, and his life has been better because of the skills he learned through working with DIY Event production, consensus decision making, and collective co-management structures. He was booking shows with bands such as Man Is The Bastard, Infest, Crossed Out, Citizen Fish, Chumbawamba, Eve Libertine, Crash Worship, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt, Fish Wife, Tit Wrench, Fugazi, Rorschach, Born Against, Heroin, and Daddy Long Leggs, among others. He produced at least one 3-day event called Spassionfest (for the satisfaction that comes through suffering), or maybe it was two of them? We didn't have the internet and our memry is hazy

From there he moved to Boulder CO and was deeply involved in poetry and performance art, developed skills working in technical theater and recording studios, while also playing several days a week in the local Balinese gamelan orchestra. He produced some performance art events, published the zine Basura, and started making live soundtracks.

In 1998 he moved back to the best coast and got involved with the noise scene. He began assisting and then booking the Beyond Music series at Beyond Baroque, and in 2005 he moved into the infamous warehouse space in Koreawoodlake called the Il Corral. Over the next 2 years they produced hundreds of shows with the cream of the west coast experimental intelligensia, such as Damion Romero, The Haters, AMK, 16 Bitch Pileup, Exjesus, Impregnable, fuck the list goes on and on. He produced the Turn The Screws Festival of Love and Noise in 2005 and 2006, and made the 2xCD CorralComp in early 2006 on his own Anarchymoon Recordings, which released albums by Dead Machines, John Wiese, Roman Torment, and his projects KILT, Feed The Dragon, and bob bellerue / halfnormal

In 2007 he spent a year in Portland, booking shows in the basement of his home and gigging a few times with Smegma. After suffering through a miserable winter with little work, he moved to New York in 2008 and began gigging and booking shows in the noise scene there. In 2011 he founded the Ende Tymes Festival when the universe made it clear he was called to do another festival, after a handful of people all randomly suggested it within a week of one another. In 2019 the 10th edition was produced, thanks to the idiotic idea of doing 2 fests in one year.

He continues to produced Ende Tymes, and selected sporadic one-off events throughout the year. He likes producing events, but you are better off getting someone else to book your shows, because he can only succesfully produce one event a year, which happens to be the best time of your life.

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