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Performances (* curated and produced by BB)

5 Feb 2014 @ WSB100 Fundraiser / Bowery Electric: DJ set
25 Jan 2014 @ Silent Barn: *Silent Bomb :: Doctors!! Mushroom Cloud!! Bloater!! John Dunlap!! Mind Destroyer!! NO!!!!!?!?? Todd Anderson!! link
18 Jan 2014 @ Future-Past Studios (Hudson): Lea Bertucci/Leila Bordreuil, Eli Keszler, Patrick Higgins, Bob Bellerue
12 Jan 2014 @ Horror Hotel Acèfalo (Valparaiso): Bob Bellerue, Renato Ortiz Sandivari, Toto Alvarez
5 Jan 2014 @ Casa Nostromo (Santiago): Blessed Thistle, Los 5000, Nitts, 886VG, 5ebuts, Carla Sepulveda link flyer
1 Jan 2014 @ Silent Barn: FFH, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, I Watched You Die, Richard Kamerman, High School Confidential, J Slusher, Blessed Thistle, KHF
17 Dec 2013 @ Experimental Intermedia: Bob Bellerue solo performance. 224 Centre St, New York, NY 10013
1 Dec 2013 @ Outpost Artists Resources: DistENDed cinema: Temporal flow in the wake of sound... 2013 Episode 4 - Hypnogogia - Realtime Audio-Visual Performances featuring: Bob Bellerue, David Linton w/ Alex Waterman, Katherine Liberovskaya & Al Margoles, Richard Garet, and more link
16 Nov 2013 @ Silent Barn: Metropolitan Audio Pain Source: Volume One/ Harsh Noise/Power Electronics Festival - John Mannion, FFH, Sharpwaist, Blessed Thistle and many more link
10 Nov 2013 @ Silent Barn: VoV Fundraiser - Mister Matthews + Bob Bellerue, FORMA, SSPS, Long Distance Poison, Grasshopper/Ed Bear, and many more link
1&2 Nov 2013 @ St Pete's Noise Fest / Venture Compound: Clang Quartet, Newton, Ironing, Dromez, Blessed Thistle, so many more.... link
6 Oct 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn: Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya + Al Margolis + Leslie Ross, Marcia Bassett + Barry Weisblat + Andrew Lafkas, Bob Bellerue + Philip White + Jeff Donaldson  link
30 July 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn: Shoots (Bob Bellerue + Mister Matthews), Millions, Proud/Father, Lost Trail link
23 July 2013 @ ORF / Kunstradio (Vienna): recording session "Invisible Cue" broadcast Feb 2014 link
13 July 2013 @ Issue Project Room / Pioneer Works: Hair Police, White Suns,Tamio Shiraishi + Camissa Beurhaus, Guerilla Toss, Chris Goudreau, Bob Bellerue link
1 July 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn: Bad News, Mark van Fleet, Jonas Reinhardt & Abyss of Fathomless Light, Bob Bellerue link
15 June 2013 @ International Noise Conference TOUR / Silent Barn: Laundry Room Squelchers, Ashcan Orchestra, Lea Bertucci and Anthony Saunders, Embarker w/ Brian Osborne, Galway, Narwhalz (of Sound), Smhoak Mosheein, Lazurite, Bob Crusoe, John Mannion, The Idiots, Thee Ultimate Vag, Radio Shock, Bob Bellerue, Eye of the Duck, LN Foster, Childproof & THEE PAUSE, Sadaf H. Nava, Narcissister and Earthmasters, McCord, LaFemme Natal, Human Adult Band link
10 June 2013 @ Practice! / Public Assembly (Brooklyn NY): Bob Bellerue, Tandem Electrics, Jeff Kurosaki + Tara Pelletier, Lance Rautzhan link
3 June 2013 @ *Silent Barn: Ross Wallace Chait & Ian G. McColm ++ Austin Vaughn ++ Hey Exit ++ Bob Bellerue link
24-26 May 2013 @ *Ende Tymes :: Novo Apocalypso Festival / Silent Barn: VOMIR (FR), Macronympha (PA), Aaron Dilloway (OH), Thomas Dimuzio (CA), Pod Blotz (CA), Francisco Meirino (CH), Pulse Emitter (OR), Andy Ortmann (IL), Oscillating Innards (OR), Zaïmph (NY), Pop Culture Rape Victim (MT), Crank Sturgeon (ME), Gerritt Wittmer (CA), work/death (RI), Rusalka (BC), Maria Chavez (NY), Clang Quartet (NC), Mister Matthews (NY), Bhob Rainey (PA) & Witchbeam (LA), Skin Graft (OH), Kakerlak (MD), Id M Theft Able (ME), Jeff Carey (MD), KILT (NM/NY), Dried Up Corpse (WA), Jason Soliday (IL), Jean-Sébastien Truchy (QC), Penny Royale (MA), flatgrey (QC), Developer & Diaphragmatic (OH), Long Distance Poison (NY), Ghost Taco (QC), Collapsed Arc (OH), Peter J Woods (WI), Nonhorse (NY), Justin Marc Lloyd (IL), Isa Christ (MA), GRKZGL (QC), TAHNZZ (NM), Plague Mother (OH), Breached Hull (OH), TOMB (PA), KHF (NY), ESPTV (NY), Jeff Donaldson (NY), Melissa Clarke + Nat Roe (NY), Pat Spadine (NY) link
11 April 2013 @ Issue Project Room: Sabisha Friedberg: "Hinterkante, Resonanz (Hoffe Axiom)" (live processing by BB) link
1 April 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn: Ass Dropper, Koks, Crotch Point Parables, Mushroom Cloud link
29 March 2013 @ Maté series / Invisible Dog: David Schafer, Alfredo Marin, Bob Bellerue link
4 March 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn (Bushwick NY): Mysterious House, KHF, Computer Syndrome, Champagne Sequins, Bob Bellerue link
24 Feb 2013 @ KILT LP release party / F Haus (Los Angeles CA): KILT and David Kendall link
18 Feb 2013 @ Pehrspace (Los Angeles CA): Moment Trigger, Schwarz, Gnarbaby, Dead Wolf Black link
11 Feb 2013 @ Life Changing Ministries (Oakland CA): BOB BELLERUE, TAKE UP SERPENTS, DEMONFACE, THOMAS DIMUZIO, TERMINATOR 2, A.C. WAY link
7 Feb 2013 @ Spectrum (New york NY): Mark Bernardini, Bob Bellerue, Thickly Painted Walls, Spreaders link
28 Jan 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn: Long Distance Poison, Bob Bellerue + Mister Matthews, Mateo Galindo, Mike Zorman, McCord link
27 Jan 2013 @ *Silent Bomb / Silent Barn (Bushwick NY): OPPONENTS, Aki Onda, Eyvind Kang, Bob Bellerue & Wanda Gala, Richard Kamerman & Matt Wellins link
12 Jan 2013 @ Harsh Fest 6 / Casa Viva (Santiago, Chile): Bob Bellerue, 886VG, 5ebuts, Los 5000, Thanatoloop link

16 Nov 2012 @ Muchmore's: Yximalloo, Ben Miller, Diablo, Opponents, Overevo link
10 Oct 2012 @ Duets Noise Salon / Secret Project Robot: Ed Bear and Bob Bellerue, Ryan Willaim Downey and Hunter Francis Jack, Eden Sela and Joe Salina, Gregory Fox and Eli Lehrhoff link
24 Sept 2012 @ Muchmore's: Tar Pit, Cotton Museum, Bob Bellerue + KHF, Adam Parkinson link

KILT hellfire US TOUR*********
21 Sept 2012 @ Prison Tatt Records showcase / The Meatlocker (Montclair NJ) w/ T.O.M.B., Long Distance Poison, The Communion, OPPONENTS, Explosive Improvised Device, DJ Deep Creep link
19 Sept 2012 @ *Death By Audio (Brooklyn NY) w/ Maria Chavez, Long Distance Poison, Laura Ortman + Michael Garofalo link
18 Sept 2012 @ Pageant (Philadelphia PA) w/ Graw/Burak, Mark Feehan link
17 Sept 2012 @ Black Cat Factory (Cleveland OH) w/ Rot Ton Bone, Amanda Howland + Pauline Lombardo link
17 Sept 2012 @ Oberlin College (early show)
16 Sept 2012 @ Smiles 4 Miles (Dayton OH) w/ Envenomist, Orgasmic Response Unit, Brad Griggs, Authority, Muck link
15 Sept 2012 @ MUG (Detroit MI) w/ Tar Pit, Raven Strain, Andrew Coltrane link
13 Sept 2012 @ Borg Ward (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Custodian, Blessed Sacrifist, Temper link
12 Sept 2012 @ Apop (St. Louis, MO) w/ Fielded, Head/Head, Kingston Family Singers link
11 Sept 2012 @ Kirby's Beer Store (Wichita, KS) w/ Flower Crusher and Papoose link
10 Sept 2012 @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO) w/ Page27, Blessure Grave, Conrad Kehn, and The Psybrid. (Farrell Lowe + KILT collab) link
7 Sept 2012 @ Life Changing Ministry (Oakland, CA) w/ Orhima, Pigs in the Ground, Different Dentist link
6 Sept 2012 @ Human Resources (Los Angeles CA) w/ Dinosaurs With Horns, Born of Ritual, WKSM link
5 Sept 2012 @ Pop Squat (Phoenix AZ) w/ Good Amount, Barren Nieces, & Paul Arambula link
4 Sept 2012 @ Small Ngine (Albuquerque NM) w/ Train Conductor link

20 August 2012 @ Pehrspace (Los Angeles): Redwound, Realization Orchestra, Modern Concept, Harry Cloud link
19 July 2012 @ *Mount Wilson Observatory (Los Angeles CA): curated evening of music with star gazing, featuring Joseph Hammer, Bob Bellerue + Lea Bertucci, and Nico Solorio
30 June 2012 @ (M) Pat's Place (Billings MT): Matt Taggart, Bob Bellerue, Eric Larsen, Thieves Break In link
4-10 June 2012 @ Center For Forgetting (Allentown PA): Bob Bellerue "American Parkway" sound installation and live performance
17-20 May 2012 @ *Ende Tymes Festival / Secret Project Robot & Outpost Artist Resources: Sudden Infant (DE), Cheapmachines (UK), Joseph Hammer (CA), Thomas Dimuzio (CA), Crank Sturgeon (ME), Telecult Powers (NY/LA), Sickness (CT), Zaimph (NY), Mike Shiflet (OH), Maria Chavez (NY), Hyena Hive (QC), +DOG+ (CA), Fatale (IL), work/death (RI), Skin Graft (OH), Dog Lady FAILURE (MI), Mesa Ritual (NM), Husere Grav (TX), Paranoid Time (MI), Tar Pit (MI), GRKZGL (QC), Nonhorse (NY), Grasshopper (NY), Beer Damage (NY), Lussuria (NY), Chaos Majik (NY), Narcissister (NY), Isa Christ (NY), Diablo (NY), The Second Sun (NY), Joke Lanz (DE) + Shelley Hirsch (NY), Leslie Ross + Katherine Liberovskaya (NY), Jeff Donaldson (NY), Sonya Stefan (QC), Jason Soliday + Jon Satrom (IL), Katherine Kline + Leyla Majeri (QC), Cory O'Brien + Mei Mei Chang (DC), Jean-Sébastien Truchy + Jean Bourbonnais (QC), Maussade + CA CA CA (QC), Erin Sexton (QC), Alexander Wilson (QC), Phillip Stearns (NY), Greg Fox (NY) link poster

Diablo / Mister Matthews / ISA Christ tour tour poster *********
14 May @ Pageant Soloveev (Philadelphia PA) with Guilt
13 May 2012 @ Amma House (Fairfax VA) with Widow's Bath, Christopher S. Feltner link
12 May 2012 @ The Bank (Baltimore MD) with Tel Quel link
11 May 2012 @ Oberlin College
10 May 2012 @ MUG (Detroit MI) with Apetechnology, Lidless Eye link
9 May 2012 @ La Casita (Normal IL) with Teaadora Nikolova
8 May 2012 @ The Borg Ward (Milwaukee WI) with Mildew
7 May 2012 @ Enemy (Chicago IL) with Soliday / Jendon duo
6 May 2012 @ Skylab (Columbus OH) with Pillow Biter, Printer Jam
5 May 2012 @ Jungle Gym (Buffalo NY) with Pusdrainer, Eunoia! link
4 May 2012 @ Death House (Montreal QC) with Interracial Beauty, GRKZGL, House of Lords
3 May 2012 @ Media Mansion (Northampton MA) with Guilt, Two Way Mirror
2 May 2012 @ The Firehouse (Worcester MA) with Triod, Zerfallt link
1 May 2012 @ Al Dios No Conocio (Providence RI) with work/death, Beeman Glow flyer
30 April 2012 @ Death By Audio (Brooklyn NY) with Chaw Mank, The Second Sun link flyer *********

29 April 2012 @ INVESTIGATE: no-input / Issue Project Room + Harvestworks: Toshimaru Nakamura + Bonnie Jones + Gene Coleman, Philip White, Bob Bellerue, Phillip Stearns link
22 April 2012 @ *Ende Tymes Fundraiser Hype Night / La Sala: Phill Niblock, Hex Breaker Quartet, OPPONENTS w/Nathan Cearley, Troublemaker Sintet (Bob Bellerue, Ed Bear), Mike Zorman; DJs: Mike Wolf, Jon Williams; Visuals: Shattered Shards (Matthew Caron & Rebecca Gaffney) link
26 March 2012 @ The Spirit Bar (Bushwick NY): Scraping Teeth, Holly Hunt, Kenny Millions + Weasel Walte, /Mark Morgan, Bob Bellerue + Mister Matthews, Sexx Kvlt link

6 Dec 2011 @ WNYU
4 Dec 2011 @ Chez Bruno (Montreal QC): Maussade, Raven Chacon, Bob Bellerue
3 Dec 2011 @ Casa del Popolo (Montreal QC): BRISE-CUL RECORDS' 10th ANNIVERSARY KVLT BASH with KILT, Disguises, Xothogua, A Snake In The Garden, GRKZGL with Minibloc, Foutredieu!!!
2 Dec 2011 @ W()MB (Montreal, QC): W()MB II : AN EVENING OF NOISE with FATHER DUST: Joshua Bastien, ANDY BOAY: Andy White, LABIOS : B.Femminielli, Riccardo Lucchesi, Jean-Sébastien Truchy, SMALL BONG: SUNKEN SKULLS (Fred Savard & Charles-Ernest Lamothe) w/ WÂUPOOS & 13 MOONS (Jon Shapiro), DIABLO: Bob Bellerue, & dark surprises that hatch out of dark eggs (aka HYENA HIVE)
22 Oct 2011 @ Dense Mesh V (Bushwick NY) :: Loud Objects, Charles "Lumpy" Dube, Tristan Shepherd, Bob Bellerue and Wanda Gala, Max Eilbacher
25 Sept 2011 @ *Public Assembly (Brooklyn NY) :: Shelley Hirsch and Joke Lanz, Aki Onda and MV Carbon, Rinus van Alebeek and Ezramo, Bob Bellerue and Mister Matthews flyer
17 Sept 2011 @ Phi Phenomena / El Dirt (Bushwick NY) :: Laundry Room Squelchers, Cock E.S.P., FUN, Rexor, Ortho, Weasel Walter, Diablo, Rust Worship, Danny Moore, High School Confidential, Loud Objects, Man Date
11 Sept 2011 @ Small Engine Gallery (Albuquerque NM) :: Bob Bellerue, Adam Overton, Alchemical Burn
11 Aug 2011 @ Kawiarnia Naukowa (Krakow PL) :: Jeff Gburek and Michał Szostało, Bob Bellerue, Lukasz Kozak
24-26 June 2011 @ *Ende Tymes Festival / Silent Barn :: Phill Niblock, GX Jupitter-Larsen, AMK, Damion Romero, Gen Ken Montgomery, Vertonen, MV Carbon, Mike Shiflet, Crank Sturgeon, C. Spencer Yeh, The Rat Bastard Experience, David Linton, Bruce Tovsky, Andrew Coltrane, Tom Grimley, IDM Theftable, Fatale, Katherine Liberovskaya & Al Margolis, Work/Death, Bran(…)Pos, KILT, Sick Llama, Novasak, Dog Lady, John Mannion, BWT, Yellow Tears, Monsturo, Jeff Carey, Page27, Postcommodity, Liam Mooney, Jason Soliday, Twisty Cat, Kyle Clyde, E.I.D., Hex Breaker Quartet, Bob Bellerue, Rust Worship, ISA Christ, Cowards, OPPONENTS, Pharmakon, Lolly Gesserit link poster
19 June 2011 @ WKCR: live on-air set and interview by Bob Bellerue / Diablo
19 June 2011 @ East Village Radio: live on-air set and interview by Bob Bellerue / Diablo
10 June 2011 @ *Silent Barn (Ridgewood NY) :: Black Leather Jesus (TX) / Skonhet (Sweden) / Diablo / EID / Heresy of the Free Spirit / Paul Metzger flyer
8 June 2011 @ Death By Audio: Cellular Chaos, Tiger Hatchery, Decimus, Mushroom Cloud flyer
27 May 2011 @ Red Light District (Rockways NY) :: Slasher Risk, Halflings, Diablo, Pharmakon, High School Confidential, Vellum, Brian Osborne, Embarker, Grasshopper, Rust Worship, Self Avoiding Walk, Grey Market, DJ Jane Pain flyer
24 May 2011 @ *Silent Barn :: Wolf Eyes, Illusion of Safety, Dysgenix, Nonhorse, Diablo flyer
20 May 2011 @ El Dirt :: Hans Rotten, Bob Bellerue, J. Slusher + Jesse De Rosa, Richard Kamerman + Steve Flato, Sandy Gordon + Lea Bertucci, Kamp Koala
29 April 2011 @ Port d'Or (Crown Heights NY) :: Sick Llama, Repeat Offender, Wicked Rot, Terrier, KHF
22-24 April 2011 @ Denver Noise Fest / Old Curtis St Bar (Denver CO) :: The Haters (CA), Xome (CA), Matt Taggart (MT), Crank Sturgeon (ME), Armenia vs. Fatale (EC/IL), +DOG+ (CA), KILT (CA/NM/NY), Sonic Disorder (UT), Fatale (IL), ALMS (NM), Dental Work (MI), Styrofoam Sanchez (CA), Marlo Eggplant (WA), Alchemical Burn (NM), Disthroned Agony (MN), Blood Rhythms (IL), AODL (UT), Ryan McRyhew (CO), Bean Dip Troubadours (CA), Nookleptia (IL), Office Park (NE), La Funcion de Repulsa (MX), Sterile Garden (CO), Distance Research (RI/CO), Novasak (CO), In the Age of Terminal Static (WA), Zombie Bite (MN), Nuss (RI), Syphilis Sauna (PA), Page 27 (CO), No Funeral (CO), Legless vs. Armenia (NC/EC), Christian Pincock (NM), Echo Beds (CO) link
21 April 2011 @ Small Engine Gallery :: The Haters, Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, KILT, Styrofoam Sanchez
17 April 2011 @ The Jovial Vocal, Verbal, and Larynx Festival, Cake Shop: Dylan Nyoukis, Bill Nace, Dave Miko, C Spencer Yeh, Aaron Moore, Sam Pulitzer, John Schoen, LLILW GRAY, Bob Bellerue, Jason Finkbeiner, G Lucas Crane, Drew Demeter, Gen Ken Montgomery (Egnekn, the Minister of Lamination)
1 April 2011 @ Nyack Community Theater (Nyack NY) ::Terrier, Isa Christ, Afterlife, Endless Endless Endless, Ken Timber
31 March 2011 @ 285 Kent :: Grasshopper, SWATi, Brian Osborne Trio, Barbiana Complex, Mushroom Cloud
27 March 2011 @ Port d'Or :: Andrew Coltrane, Tarpit, Lidless Eye, Utereye, Penny Royale, DJ Diablo
25 March 2011 @ Silent Barn :: C. Spencer Yeh +Aaron Moore + Ignaz Schick, Barry Weisblat + Marcia Bassett, The Goblin War Double-Quartet, Bob Bellerue
18 March 2011 @ Silent Barn :: Bob Bellerue, Jeff Donaldson, Philip White, Phillip Stearns, Clinton Machine, Violent Raid, Chaw Mank, Joshua Slusher and Mr. Matthews, ISA Christ
21 Feb 2011 @ Red Light District :: Miracle Power Combination, Immaculate: Grotesque, How I quit Crack, Ahlzagailzehguh, Redglaer
19 Feb 2011 @ Port d'Or :: Instinct Control, Belltone Suicide, Redglaer, Penny Royale, Liquid State Bypass
12 Feb 2011 @ Psychotropa (Bushwick NY) :: Hex Breaker Quartet, Quicksails, Andrew Scott Young, Twistycat, Bob Bellerue and Ryan Dunn, OPPONENTS, DJ JOHN FELL RYAN flyer
14 Jan 2011 @ Silent Barn :: Liturgy, Controlled Bleeding, Cellular Chaos, PAK, Diablo

18 Nov 2010 @ Goodbye Blue Monday (Bushwick NY): Walter Carson, Brian Osborne, Embarker, Bob Bellerue
31 Oct 2010 @ Silent Barn: Key To Shame, Slasher Risk, High School Confidential, Terrier, Rust Worship, EID, DJ Wm Berger
16 Oct 2010 @ Math Bill's Broad Channel (Broad Channel): Telecult Powers, Bob Bellerue, Grey Market, Reviver, Sbus, xnkx, Danny Moore
13 Oct 2010 @ Silent Barn: Fossils, Caruso (Telecult Powers + Bob Bellerue), Grasshopper, OPPONENTS, Kyle Clyde
9 Oct 2010 @ Dem Passwords (West Hollywood CA): KILT, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Greenspon, Cloud Nothings
1 Oct 2010 @ Issue Project Room (Gowanus NY): Bob Bellerue, Bonnie Jones + Andrea Neumann
25 Sept 2010 @ Radio Ruido (Bushwick NY): Bob Bellerue live set
11 Sept 2010 @ Silent Barn: Zs, Justice Yeldham, Rust Worship, Solypsis, DJ Diablo
22 Aug 2010 @ Silent Barn: Metal Rouge, Sam Hamilton, Jane Austen, Greg Fox, Diablo
18 Aug 2010 @ Port d'Or (Crown Heights, NY): Justice Yeldham, Solypsis, Terrier, Cruudeuces, ISA Christ
17 August 2010 @ Red Light District (Rockaways NY): Diablo, Justice Yeldham, Yellow Tears, Dave Phillips
Aug/Sept 2010 @ Little William Theater Festival of New Music, The Fowler Museum / Machine Project (LA): Bob Bellerue's "Hale Elegy" and many others link
20 July 2010 @ Math Bill's Broad Channel: grey market, bob bellerue, rdss, isa christ, SHERM, self avoiding walk
17 July 2010 @ Cryptic Carousel Festival, Division Of Human Works: Id M Theft Able, Girly Temple, Nonhorse, Terrier, Opponents, Kyle Clyde, C. Lavender, James Christie Thow III, Matthew Meade, Fluorescent Vibes, Laurel Craig, Rust Worship, Lea B., Lambs, The Alienist, Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu, Evil Robot Ted, Arcanode flyer
29 June 2010 @ Zebulon: KILT, C. Lavender, Slusher / Haney / deRosa trio
27 June 2010 @ Party Expo: KILT, ISA Christ, Chaos Majik, Joshua Slusher, Dead Line Connector, Corpus, Red Electric Rainbow
26 June 2010 @ Wm Berger's "My Castle of Quiet", WFMU: KILT live set
9 June 2010 @ Diapason Gallery: Bob Bellerue & Z'EV flyer
28 May 2010 @ Port d'Or (Brooklyn): Honed Bastion, Newton, Jest Droga (Pendu/Bellerue collab), Gray Market, Ken Timber
27 May 2010 @ *Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn): Tärr, Cornelius F. Van Stafrin, Joshua Slusher, Terrier flyer
22 & 23 May 2010 - NY Eye & Ear Festival III @ The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn NY): Blank Dogs, White Ring, Mirror Mirror, Liturgy, Hex Breaker Quintet, Dubknowdub, C. Lavender, Xeno & Oaklander, No Fun Acid, Blondes, Cult of Youth, SSPS, Laurel Halo, Chaos*CM*Majik, DIABLO, GDFX, Memorial Gore, Source of Yellow, and others flyer
30 April - 1 May 2010 @ Denver Noise Fest, Old Curtis St Bar (Denver CO): Warning Broken Machine, KILT, Pop Culture Rape Victim / Armenia / Novasak, AODL, No Fun Acid, Crank Sturgeon, FATALE, Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Novasak / Nervesandgel, Sterile Garden, Page 27 / Wolf SS / Blackcell, VIA / Encomiast, Architects Office, Jane Da Pain / Kyle Smith, Princess Army Wedding Combat / Androphobia, Alchemical Burn, In the Age of Terminal Static, 100 Pieces, Nuss and Armenia, Unbridled Sonic Anarchy, Kuxaan Sum, Charles Rice Goff III, Halluciphile, Zombie Bite, Alan George Ledergerber, Shelf Life, Syphilis Sauna, Nookleptia, Married in Berdichev / Isaac Linder link
24 April 2010 @ INC Tour - Silent Barn: Laundryroom Squelchers, Clang Quartet, Leslie Keffer, Radio Shock, Diablo, Chaos*Majik, Loud Objects, Slasher Risk, dead line connector, C. Lavender, John Mannion, Spicoli, Rape Scene, Gray Market, Explosive Improvised Device, Crudbox, LCDD (Madrid), Family Treasures, Casper Electronics, Rust Worship
14 April 2010 @ WFMU: Diablo live on Wm Berger's "My Castle of Quiet"
7 April 2010 @ Zebulon (Brooklyn): Tom Carter, PG SIX w/ Bob Bannister, Mushroom Cloud
3 April 2010 @ *Party Expo (Brooklyn): Crank Sturgeon, Diablo, Vellum, Memorial Gore, Arcanode flyer
2 April 2010 @ *Goodbye Blue Monday: Crank Sturgeon, Jeff Donaldson & Bob Bellerue, Self-Avoiding Walk, Ed Bear flyer
19 Jan 2010 @ Goodbye Blue Monday: Hex Breaker Quintet, Andy Borsz, Redglaer, Neil Vendrick flyer
10 Jan 2010 @ 13 Thames st. (Brooklyn): T.O.M.B, Redglaer, Two Years On Welfar, Chmmr When Agitated, Blissed Off, Tinnitustimulus

29 Nov 2009 @ 13Thames: Chaos Majik, Rust Worship, Bob Bellerue, OPPONENTS, Jon Eriksen (Sweden), Sten Ove Toft (Norway), Vince Vonnegut + Blissed Out, visuals from The Glassbead Collective
14 Oct 2009 @ *Goodbye Blue Monday: Grasshopper, Mushroom Cloud, Bryan Eubanks / Andrew Lafkas / Todd Capp flyer
18 Sept 2009 @ *Goodbye Blue Monday: Phroq, Telecult Powers, Chaos Magick, Redglaer flyer
18 July 2009 @ Math Bill's Broad Channel: Neckhold, Pharmakon, Telecult Powers + Bob Bellerue + Grey Market, Explosive Improvised Device, Robotdharma
10 July 2009 @ NY Eye & Ear II, Knitting Factory
6 July 2009 @ Goodbye Blue Monday: Eli Keszler, Ashley Paul, Bob Bellerue, Malcy Duff flyer
27 June 2009 @ Math Bill's Broad Channel: Laurel Craig, Grasshopper/Abusement Park collab, Explosive Improvised Device, Family Treasures, Matt & Bill, Bob Bellerue, Ke Chu=Cha flyer
24 May 2009 @ 4541 N Williams av (Portland OR): Jonathan Sielaff / Bob Jones / Mary Sutton / Jordan Dykstra string/winds quartet, Colony, Weak Sisters, Purple Pansy

KILT east coast mini-tour*********
14 April 2009 @ Death By Audio: Doomstar, Donkey Kong, TeleKILT Powers, Queening
13 April 2009 @ Bar Matchless: KILT plus 3 others...
12 April 2009 @ Pageant Soloveev: KILT, God Willing, Bee Mask, Jordan Graw with Burak "Lord of the Near and the Nigh"
11 April 2009 @ Paris London West Nile: The Brothers Peeesseye, KILT, Darius Jones / Evan Lipson / Andrew Drury, Symbol*********

21 March 2009 @ Tommy's Tavern: Sharpwaist, Purple Pansy, Heaven People, CM*Chaos Majik, TOMB / Panther Modern, Sewer Goddess
12 Feb 2009 @ Silent Barn: Christy & Emily, Chris Forsyth’s Ideal Heads, Bob Bellerue and the Telecult Powers Band, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Non-Horse + Driphouse
23 Jan 2009 @ SHINKOYO CIRCUS, Roulette: CIRCUS JERKUS. PERFORMERS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Doron Sadja, Zeljko McMullen, Mario Diaz de Leon, MV Carbon, Brown Wing Overdrive, Nickel Emmet, Freddy Nightliker, Amrita Dang, Twisty Cat, Alfredo Marin, Jay King, Fern Silva, Jessie Stead, Shiraishi Tamio, Anastasia Osipova, Sergei Tcherepnin & Lisa Rafaela Clair, Nancy Garcia, Carla Rhodes, True Primes, Bob Bellerue, a few secrets, and a few more TBA....

30 Dec 2008 @ Vanishing Point: Martial Canterel, Hive Mind, , Damion Romero, Mike Shiflet, Telecult Powers & Bob Bellerue, CM*Chaos Majik flyer
20 Dec 2008 @ Math Bill's Broad Channel: towering heroic dudes, kill yt, grasshopper, bob bellerue, slasher risk, nemesis complex, self avoiding walk
17 Dec 2008 @ Matchless: Telecult Powers & Bob Bellerue, Mushroom Cloud, Sweaty Bullets flyer
28 Nov 2008 @ Cake Shop: HD, Ducktails, SSPS, Bob Bellerue flyer
31 Oct 2008 @ Vanishing Point: La Otracina, Telecult Powers, Slasher Risk, Grasshopper, NAAM, Twistycat, Bob Bellerue flyer
26/27 Sept 2008 @ "Annatta - what you think" at Highways Performance Space, with Michael Sakamoto, Waewdao Sirisook, and Amy Knowles
15 Sept 2008 @ Pehrspace (LA): Gabbertree, Bob Bellerue, Michael Vidal, John Thill, Human Host
22/23 Aug 2008 @ Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica): Wanda Gala's "W Ruchu Na Sko" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue)
24 Aug 2008 @ The Smell (LA): Emaciator, Persimmons Pomegranate, Monsturo, Bob Bellerue, Work / Death press
2 August 2008 @ Death By Audio: Argumentix, Budweiser Sprite, Redglaer, Telecult Powers, Death By Audio
12 July 2008 @ the Brown House (Portland OR): Acre, John Krasbauer, Bob Bellerue, and Brown

Quickie Redglaer / Novasak / Barracks of Afghanistan UxS tour***********
5 July 2008 @ Noise BBQ, Westside Welding and Machine (Vancouver WA): Redglaer, Novasak, the Barracks of Afghanistan, Rusalka, Taskmaster, the Sunken, Blowupnihilist, Pete Swanson, Flatgrey, Sleeping with the Earth, Burning Indian, View, Xdugef, Raperies Like Draperies, Frozen Body, XXXtinct, and a lot more
4 July 2008 @ Sorority House (Portland OR): Bob Bellerue, Novasak, Yellow Crystal Star, Dickhearse
3 July 2008 @ The Exploding House (Seattle WA): Redglaer, Novasak, the Barracks of Afghanistan, _flatgrey_, Rusalka, Taskmaster, Froghat and Sofaqueen, Griefer
1 July 2008 @ Xian Wei (Grand Junction CO) w/ Bob Bellerue, Novasak, Warren Jones
29 June 2008 @ The House of Special Purpose (Denver CO): Bob Bellerue, Novasak, Raven Chacon, Father of the Flood, PW3, Gross
27 June 2008 @ Camp Contentration / Apop Records (St Louis MO): Bob Bellerue, Panicsville, Lovely Little Girls, Dust Bunny, Skarekrau Radio
22 june 2008 @ belvedere's (pittsburg): THE BARRACKS OF AFGHANISTAN, REDGLAER, MAYAN DEATH PROPHECY (members of macronympha and lbgc), NORMAL LOVE, HANDHOLDER, WIZZARD MOUNTAIN
21 June 2008 @ Pageant Gallery: Bob Bellerue, Barracks of Afghanistan, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Morally Gray, SweetNothing with Jordan Graw performance of "Lord of the Near and Nigh," Jesse Kudler flyer ***********

15 June 2008 @ The Charleston: Bob Bellerue, Barracks of Afghanistan, Miami Beach, Chaos Magick
13/14 June 2008 @ Cryptic Providence, North Burial Grounds (Providence RI): Bob Bellerue and Wanda Gala's "Blue Storm"
10 June 2008 @ Math Bill's Broad Channel: Telecult Powers, Bob Bellerue, I Made This Mistake
18 May 2008 @ Kerry Schuss Gallery (NY): Bob Bellerue, the Jasons, Graveyards, the Northampton Wools
8 May 2008 @ *Westside Welding and Machine (Van WA): Sudden Infant, Redglaer, Argumentix, Brizbomb, Dude War, American Haircut
5 April 2008 @ Shitstorm aka Vancouver Noise Festival, VIVO Media Arts Center (Vancouver BC): Tunnel Canary, The Rita, Rusalka, Taskmaster, Sleeping With The Earth, Oscillating Innards, Honed Bastion, Hellschreiber, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, The Barracks of Afghanistan, Frozen Body, Man/Beast, Eraritjaritjaka, Cracked Dome, Argumesntix, Quim, Redglaer, Diseased Visions, Crib Slut, Fistopia, Québec le Pink, CSTL, Froghat and Sofaqueen, Night Mother, Brutophillia, Sistrenatus, Ghost Taco, Leviathans, Ken Roux, Singultus, Seagull, Ejaculation Death Rattle, G42, Totally Ripped, N.213, Concerning Irregular Figures
3 May 2008 @ Someday Lounge (Portland OR): Cacophony 3 Year Anniversary Finale w/ Yellow Swans, Pulse Emitter, Behalf, Honed Bastion, Oscillating Innards, Tecumseh, robedoor, the better to see you with, pittman/maherr, instinct control
19 APRIL 2008 @ POCKET SANDWICH (PORTLAND OR): Mitchell Brown, Snacks, Inca Ore, Patrick Maherr + Lala Conchita, Purple Pansy, Yellow Crystal Star
12 April 2008 @ Westside Welding & Machine (Vancouver WA):International Noise Conference Tour w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Redglaer + Crib Slut, Honed Bastion, Suicidal Tendons, Ecomorti, The Moisturizer, Stab at God, American Hair Cut, Jaundiced Member, H. Smith, Sean Ra, Yellow Crystal Star, Abusive Delay, Householed, Jung Sleuths
9 April 2008 @ International Noise Conference Tour, The Smell (LA): KILT, + who else? did i play this thing?
April 2008? @ KBOO (Portland OR): Bob Bellerue live on the air

Tecumseh / Thrones / Pussygutt PNW tour 2008***********
30 Mar 2008 @ Samurai Duck (Eugene OR): Tecumseh / Thrones / Pussygutt / Rye Wolves
30 Mar 2008 3 PM @ The Space (Salem OR): Tecumseh / Thrones / Pussygutt
29 Mar 2008 @ Towne Lounge (Portland OR): Tecumseh / Thrones / Pussygutt / Rye Wolves
28 Mar 2008 @ Hall of the Woods (Olympia OR): Tecumseh / Thrones / Pussygutt / Funerot
27 Mar 2008 @ El Corazón (Seattle OR): Tecumseh / Thrones / Pussygutt / A Story Of Rats***********

24 Feb 2008 @ Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater (Seattle WA): POWER CIRCUS, The Strap Onz, Goly Grim, Purple Pansy flyer

KILT / Acre US Tour 2007:
7 Jan 2008 Portlandistan @ Branx w/ Prowls, Tecumseh
5 Jan 2008 NOON @ ArtSF Godwaffle Noise Pancakes: Redglaer + Acre, Moment Trigger, Jolt Thrower, Dirty Centaur, Everything is Inebriated
5 Jan 2008 Los Altos Hills 3pm @ KFJC radio show
5 Jan 2008 Davis @ Delta of Venus w/ Savage Republic, more (THIS WILL BE Redglaer++Acre collab)
2 Jan 2008 SF @ Edinburgh Castle: Redglaer, Acre, Phroq, Ecomorti
31 Dec 2007 LA @ the Smell: Redglaer++Acre collab, Anavan, Foot Village, Softboiled Eggies, John Thill flyer
30 Dec 2007 SD @ nestor's playhouse w/ Riververb, more
28 Dec 2007 Albq @ The Stove, 112 morningside dr NE w/ occasional detroit
27 Dec 2007 santa fe @ high mayhem
22 Dec 2007 denver @ Rhinoceropolis
21 Dec 2007 tulsa @ soundpony
20 Dec 2007 Denton @ House of Tinnitus
19 Dec 2007 Houston @ Super Happy Funland w/ Black Leather Jesus and Crawling Iris
18 Dec 2007 New Orleans @ HI HO Lounge on St Claude Ave w/ MC Traichiotomy...
17 Dec 2007 memphis @ light years vintage
15 Dec 2007 nashville @ ren/val's house 2005 white ave
14 Dec 2007 gainesville @ tim & terry's 1417 NW 1st Ave w/ Chefkirk, Pax Titania, Hal McGee
13 Dec 2007 miami @ churchill's w/ laundry room squelchers, creamy electric santa, more
12 Dec 2007 tampa @ @ Flight19, aka Tampa Union Station Baggage Claim Building, 601 Nebraska Ave w/ New Flesh, more
11 Dec 2007 Atlanta GA @ Eyedrum
10 Dec 2007 north carolina @ Night Light
9 Dec 2007 richmond @ Ghost Print Gallery 220 W. Broad St. w/ jonathon zorn
8 Dec 2007 baltimore @ peterB's basement
7 Dec 2007 7pm philly @ LoFiRes: KILT, Acre, 2673 + mike haleta, Embarker, Dave Smolen, Sanguine Vessel, Stolen Briefcase flyer
6 Dec 2007 DC @ 611 florida w/ Dark Sea Dream
5 Dec 2007 brooklyn @ Glasslands w/ Bryan Eubanks ++ Andrew Lafkas, Haflings, Instinct Control
4 Dec 2007 portland @ Strange Maine w/ Crank Sturgeon, more
3 Dec 2007 boston @ Mass Art w/ Howie Stelzer, Child Bride, Karlheinz
1 Dec 2007 providence @ stairwell gallery w/ SHV, Astral Gang
29 Dec 2007 NYC @ Issue project room: Bob Bellerue, Acre, Zaimph
27 Dec 2007 suny purchase w/ Haflings, Cathode Terror Secretion
26 Nov 2007 @ 7 High St (new brunswick, nj): Acre, Redlaer, Mike Haleta + Kevin Winter Duo, Jc Burgess, Phasmida
24 Nov 2007 @ cake shop (nyc): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, Anamnesis, Hands Rendered Useless, Ahlzagailzehguh, Diaphragm flyer
20 Nov 2007 @ the grog shop (cleveland OH): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, hot air balloon ride, cat nap, david russell/ben billington
17 Nov 2007 @ Turkish Bath (Ferndale MI): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, KHF, Dan's band, i can't remember...
16 Nov 2007 @ the Frying Pan (lansing MI): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, Aaron Dilloway, Hive Mind, Dead Machines, Failing Lights, Impregnable
15 Nov 2007 @ enemy (chicago IL): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, Impregnable, Adam Sonderberg
14 Nov 2007 @ Six Flags Great America (milwaukie WI): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, Secret Abuse, Climax Denial, Slow Owls, Rex Winsome, Bashful Vigilantes
13 Nov 2007 @ THE HALL MALL (iowa city IO): Dead Wolf Black / Acre / DRIP HOUSE / NIMBY / CHOUSER
12 Nov 2007 @ 62 doors (minot ND): Dead Wolf Black, Acre
11 Nov 2007 @ billings montana: party with PCRV
10 Nov 2007 @ pacific rim brewery (seattle WA): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, taskmaster, burning indian, rusalka, frozen body, the sunken

Tecumseh West Coast Tour 2007***********
9 Nov 2007 @ Westside Welding and Machine (vancouver WA): Dead Wolf Black, Acre, Tecumseh, Honed Bastion, Bucktooth Whorses, Red Orchestra, Invertebrate
8 Nov 2007 7pm @ Artistery (Portland) -Tecumseh, Dead Wolf Black, Acre
7 Nov 2007 @ Samurai Duck (Eugene) - Tecumseh, Warning Broken Machine, Perpetural Conversion, 1000
5 Nov 2007 @ Pehrspace (LA) - Tecumseh, Allen Pyle, more ....
4 Nov 2007 @ The Smell (LA) - Tecumseh, Damion Romero, Monsturo, Jeremy Drake, Peter Kolovos (ex-Open City)
3 Nov 2007 noon @ ArtSF (San Francisco) - Tecumseh, Michael Gendreau, N V H, Tralphaz, Andrea Parkins
2 Nov 2007 @ Heco's Palace (Oakland) - Tecumseh, Hans Grusel, Diatric Puds & the Blobettes, Bullshit Detector, and Rahdunes
31 oct 2007 @ Towne Lounge (Portland) - Tecumseh, Behalf, Ghosting, Brutal Chalice
30 oct 2007 @ Pacific Rim Brewery (Seattle) - Tecumseh, Dull Knife, Eric Ostrowski, Towers
24 Oct 2007 @ Branx (Portland OR): Evil Moisture, Warning Broken Machine & Redglaer, Honed Bastion, Oscillating Innards, Xdugef***********

23 Oct 2007 @ Westside Welding & Machine (Vancouver WA): Evil Moisture, Warning Broken Machine & Redglaer, Eraritjaritjaka, c(o)sine, WE ARE A WE, Xdugef
22 Oct 2007 @ DIVA (Eugene OR): Evil Moisture, Redglaer + Warning Broken Machine, Hellucination of Virulency, (________), Xdugef
20 Oct 2007 @ Rotture (Portland OR): microscopic suffering, blowupnihilist, tecumseh, concern, budweiser sprite, shua
18 Oct 2007 @ Huffin House (Oakland CA): Sword Heaven - 16Bitch Pile-Up - Kevin Shields - Redglaer - R.H.Y YAU
/ Julien Ottavi - Ex-pets
12-14 Oct 2007 @ norcal noisefest (sacramento CA): ART LESSING & THE FLOWER VATO (sacramento), AS ALL DIE (riverview, FL), BADGER (sacramento), BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (san francisco), BOMB THREAT (seattle,WA), BURNING INDIAN (eugene,OR / vancouver,Canada), C.J. REAVEN BOROSQUE (san francisco), MYKEL BOYD (bradley, IL), CHOPSTICK vs. VANKMEN (sacramento), DELAYED SLEEP (sacramento), THOMAS DiMUZIO (san francisco), +DOG+ (los angeles), ERARITJARITJAKA (eugene,OR), FAULTS (sacramento), FLOURESCENT GREY (fremont), HOBBY KNIFE (eugene,OR), IDX1274 (cascadia, OR), I.N.R.I. (eugene,OR), I DIED (eugene,OR), INSTAGON (sacramento), KRISTAL MARIMBA LOUNGE (sacramento), LORDS OF OUTLAND (san francisco), MEDICINE CABINET (tracy), MICROWAVE WINDOWS (tampa,FL), MOMENT TRIGGER (valencia), NIGHT NURSE (sacramento), PHOG MASHEEEN (costa mesa), REDGLAER (portland,OR), RUBBER (O) CEMENT (san francisco), SHREW FLORIST (santa rosa), SIXES (oakland), MOE! STAIANO (manteca), T / R (san francisco), TARANTISM (oakland), TARANTULA PRINCESS (sacramento), The TRANSHUMANS (ventura), UBERKUNST (sacramento), (WANING) (sacramento), WARNING BROKEN MACHINE (eugene,OR), MICHELLE WEBB (las cruces, NM), XDUGEF (los angeles), XENIZATION (eugene,OR), XOME (san francisco), R. H.Y. YAU (san francisco)
3 Oct 2007 @ Pehrspace (LA): Emaciator, Kyle H. Mabson, Feed the Dragon, Leslie Keffer, Taiwan Deth, Unicorn Hard-On
6 sept. 2007 @ westside welding and machine (vancouver wa): moment trigger, behalf, budweiser sprite, the sunken+skelleten collab, mike and bob's infernal pleasures, crib slut, imlulu
5 sept. 2007 @ diva (eugene, or): moment trigger, redglaer, I died, robotic daly + more??
2 Sept 2007 @ Pehrspace (LA): Moment Trigger, Redglaer, Human Hands (The Artist Formally Known As Toxic Loincloth), Kyle H. Mabson, BARFER?, The White Ninjas, HARD DRUGS
25 Aug 2007 @ Someday Lounge (Portland OR): pulse emitter, monster, rale, redglaer frozen body, sounds like mustard flyer
11 Aug 2007 @ Splinter Squid Affair, The SS Marie Antoinette (Seattle WA): WEAK SISTERS, FROZEN BODY, SPELLCASTER, Oscillating Innards, The Rita,, Redglaer, David Kendall, Sisprum Vish, Argumentix, Disjunct...
28 July 2007 @ NOISY NIGHT, the Steve Allen Theater: Bob Bellerue (Redglaer), Bobb Bruno (Goliath Bird Eater), David Kendall (The Kentucky Knobs), Troy Oftedal (Cattle Decapitation), Gabe Serbian (The Locust), David Scott Stone (Melvins), Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pile-up), Jessica Rylan (Can't) flyer
16 June 2007 @ Pehrspace: Emaciator, Villa Valley, KILT, Robedoor, Gator Surprise, Drenches, Changeling
14 June 2007 @ The Pehrspace (LA): Jessica Rylan (Boston, MA), Redglaer (Portland, OR), Naomi (San Diego), Haircut Mountain Transit
2 May 2007 @ Rotture (Portland OR): To Live And Shave In LA, Jackie O'Motherfucker, Little Claw, Redglaer, Animal Writes
27/28 April 2007 @ Highways Performance Space: Wanda Gala's "Les Biches" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue)
24 March 2007 @ The Pleasure Dome (Portland OR): Emaciator, Honed Bastion, Redglaer, Forrest Friends, Privy Seals, Haircut Mountain Transit, Wall of Blubber
3 March 2007 @ Excommunicate House (Vancouver WA): Barracks of Afganistan, Oscillating Innards, IDX1274, The Sunken, Redglaer, Pulse Emitter, Blowupnihilist flyer
23 Feb 2007 @ Pehrspace (LA): Damion Romero, SIXES, Redglaer , Tullan Velte, Robert Inhuman w/ tik///tik
15-17 Feb 2007 @ International Noise Conference, Churchill's (Miami FL): Laundry Room Squelchers, Temple of Bon Matin, Whine, Dino Felipe, Otto Von Shirach, Nondor Nevai, God Willing, Seekers of the Claw, Sweet Nothing, Ha Ha Help, Doormouse, Curious Hair, Depraved Heart Crime, Dot Dot Dot Orchestra, Wet Cement, I Can’t Read, Buddyship, Kissy Kissalots, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Roy of Sealand, Sasha Why Sfeld, Jijimuge, Oni Gosen, Byron House, Ex-Pets, Odem Press, R.L. Stein, Timeblazers, Sewn Leather, Val Allen, Sports, Smut, Topless Magic / Human Hands, Summer City, Sexual Tourist, Josh Hydeman, Mildew, Sysex, Embard / Russian Tsarcasm, Turmoiled Functions, Mercy Light, Skeleton Warrior, The Oals, Oubliette, D.B.H., Carreza, Slop Penis, Then and Than / Pairs, Noche Rider, Blue Shift, The Fas’ners, What’s Yr. Damage?, Out Mode, Costes, Noumena, Panicsville, Right Arm Severed, Telepathik Friend, Taiwan Deth, Sword Heaven, Yukon, Wake up Snake, Head Molt, Gang Wizard, Rotten Milk vs. Bubblegum Shitface, Redglaer, This is My Condition, Black Meat, Venison Bat, Super Pizza Party, Social Junk, Ironing, Irene Moon + Pax Titania, Leslie Keffer, D. I. B., Unicorn Hard-on, Kevin Shields, Naomi Elizabeth, Pod Blotz, Diary of Lisa Frank, Sauce Party, Mumber Toes, Loop Retard, Roesing Ape, Sharks with Wings, Gay Bomb, Radio Shock, Yellow Crystal Star, NASA, Mr Natural, Child Bride, XDUGuf, Deluxin’, Microwave Windows, Lissajou!
10 Feb 2007 @ Enemy (Chicago, IL): Redglaer, Vadim Sprikut, Jason Soliday, Burrow (Vertonen and Is) press
25-28 Jan 2007 @ The Unknown Theater (Hollywood CA): the Greatfruit Collective's "Collision Course" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue)
20 Jan 2007 @ Santa Barbara Noise Fest, Muddy Waters: Frozen Body, God Willing, Moment Trigger, Unicorn Hard-On, Kyle H Mabson, David Kendall, Emaciator, Privy Seals, KILT, Brian Miller / Steve Kim, Haircut Mountain Transit, Naomi
6 Jan & 13 Jan 2007 @ dangerous curve (LA): Bob Bellerue' s "Beasts and Friends" + Raven Chacon & Johnny Chang (13 Jan), Albert Ortega (6 Jan)
1 Jan 2007 @ Huffin' House (Oakland, CA): SIXES, LA NOISE CONTINUOUS SET / "deep jew" (Red Glaer, tik///tik, Unicorn Hard-On, God Willing, Kevin Shields), Pod Blotz (ExoPod), Silver Daggers, Evil Wikkid Warrior, Monster Dudes (MotoPhoto), Time Blazers

15-17 DEC 2006 @ TURN THE SCREWS festival of love and noise, Il Corral (LA): Bastard Noise, Twig Harper, Psicologicos Trama, AMK, Rubber O Cement, Riververb, KILT, Health, Dirty Modelz, The Widow, Moment Trigger, Narcoleptic Feedback, Aaron Dilloway, Michael Gendreau, Tarantism, Pulse Emitter, SIXES, Dimmer (Dimuzio / Hammer), Honed Bastion, Emaciator, Skull Sküll, Deep Jew, Unicorn Hard-on, Seed Pod Pals, Obstacle Corpse, Bacteria Cult, Unnecessary Surgery, Vegan Murderers, Argumentix, God WillingGuitar Quorum (Kendall/Kudler/Cheslow), Wanda Gala && Bob Bellerue, Brooke Smiley && Adam Overton, Dog Shit Taco w/ Dog of Tears Orchestra, Treasure Mammal, Haircut Mountain Transit, Liam Mooney's "OK Audience", Jeremy Drake, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hop Frog's Drum Jester Devotional (BB curated) press
9 Dec 2006 @ Machine Project (LA): Bob Bellerue, Liam Mooney shared evening
3 Nov 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Damion Romero, Tecumseh (PDX), Acre (PDX), Redglaer, Kevin Shields

KILT / Dead Wolf Black West Coast Tour 2006***********
26 Oct 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Gang Wizard, TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK (MA), Occasional Detroit (MI), Behalf (PDX), Dead Wolf Black, Tik///Tik
25 Oct 2006 @ 21Grand (Oakland): Dead Wolf Black, Twodeadslutsonegoodfuck, Occasional Detroit, Behalf,
24 Oct 2006 @ Jaspers (Salem OR): Dead Wolf Black, 2ds1gf, Occasional Detroit and Behalf + a few tbalocals.
22 Oct 2006 @ The Funhouse (Seattle): KILT, TwoDeadSlutsOneGoodFuck, Occasional Detroit, Behalf,Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
20 Oct 2006 @Cobalt (vancouver B.C): KILT with a bunch of skinhead bands (no BB)
19 Oct 2006 @ 50/50 Arts Collective (Victoria, B.C): KILT, Burning Indian, Night Mother, Brutophilia (no BB)
18 Oct 2006 @ Excommunicate house (Vancouver WA): KILT, who else? oh yeah, what a mess Sandor left in the sink....
17 Oct 2006 @ FoodHole (Portland): KILT, Pulse Emitter, View, Animal Writes flyer
15 Oct 2006 @ Norcal Noise Fest (Sacramento): look it up people link
14 Oct 2006 @ 21Grand (Oakland): KILT, Vertonen, 16 Bitch Pileup
13 Oct 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Vertonen (IL), KILT, Leticia Castaneda, Drugs (PDX), Under Mountains (PDX) ***********

Bob Bellerue + Wanda Gala Euopean "Goneness" tour 2006 ***********
29 Sept 2006 @ Freaks End Future (Antwerpen, Belgium): BOB BELLERUE (broken drone bones), W. RAVENVEER
27 Sept 2006 @ Le Zinema (Lausanne, Switzerland): Francisco Meirino, Bob Bellerue, plus collab
25 Sept 2006 @ Buena Ventura (Venice, Italy): Bob Bellerue + Wanda Gala
24 Sept 2006 @ DRMK (Ljubljana, Slovenia): BOB BELLERUE, LOST GORBACHEVS (Portugal)
21 Sept 2006 @ OFF THE BOOKS Konzert II, Karmanoia-Gaya Theatre (Berlin): Bob Bellerue, Tisha Mukarji, Boris Baltschun
19 Sept 2006 @ Schlesisches 42 (Berlin): Bob Bellerue w/ (and w/out) Vidatone
16 Sept 2006 @ someone's studio (Wroclaw): kzk + Redglaer improvisation
15 Sept 2006 @ Galeria Entropia (Wrocław, Poland): Bob Bellerue + Wanda Gala, Sitka, krew z kontaktu (kzk) + 3
13 Sept 2006 @ Aurora (Warsaw, Poland): Bob Bellerue + Wanda Gala
10 Sept 2006 @ dp's studio (Zurich, Switzerland): REDGLAER, rm74, dead peni
6 sept 2006 @ Epsilonia radio (Paris): Bob Bellerue live ***********

30 Aug 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Pedestrian Deposit, Satan's Corpse, Redglaer, Destroy Date, Cock in Black, Health
26 Aug 2006 @ Light of A Ghost #1, the Smell: GHQ, Inca Ore, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Quintanna Roo, Redglaer, Core of the Coalman, Kevin Shields w/ tik///tik, Dimmer
25 Aug 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Sickness, GHQ, Mick Flower, Circuit Wound, Dead Wolf Black
24 Aug 2006 @ LA ZOO RUINS: Brian Miller, Redglaer, Eco Morti, Nicholas Gitomer, Albert Ortega, Circuit Wound, Cock In Black, Moment Trigger, Debaser, Xdugef, Whitman, Haircut Mountain Transit, Lego Lamb, Aum Rifle link to recordings
11 aug 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Emily Hay, Joe Berardi, Carey Fosse, Bill Leavitt & Spencer Savage, Suara Liwet (marc lannelongue & bob bellerue), Gran Mal Lottery (Phillip Greenlief & Hermann Bühler & Bill Hutson & David Kendall)
16 July 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Byron House (RI), Blue Shift (RI), Noumena (mem of Sword Heaven), Sexual Tourist (s.f.), Pedestrian Deposit, Hero (didn't play?), redglare ++ andorkappen == [dead wolf black]
15 July 2006: Milusos (LA): Damion Romero, Sawako, and Ju Suk Reet Meate & Friends (Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia, Damian Bisciglia, Bob Bellerue, Mitchell Brown, Jeremy Drake, Joseph Hammer, William Leavitt, Tom Recchion, John Wiese)
30 June 2006 @ Il Corral: Cock In Black, KILT, Narwaul, Rar Dawgs, the Cousins, Black Lux, AGL
25 June 2006 @ Eagle Rock Center for the Arts (LA): Tetuzi Akiyama Workshop Concert (with Bob Bellerue, Mitchell Brown, Jessica Catron, Jeremy Drake, Bill Hutson, Lewis Keller, David Kendall, Cat Lamb, Jorge Martin, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, David Rothbaum, Mark Trayle, and Tom Watson)
16-18 June 2006 @ Eugene Noise Fest, Diva (Eugene OR): Dead/bird vs Redglaer, many more flyer
10 June 2006 @ Che Cafe (San Diego): Hive Mind, Charlie Draheim, SIXES, Halfnormal, Riververb, Worms flyer press
7 June 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Coughs (chicago), Dynasty (RI), Rose for Bodhan, KILT, sexual tourist
21 May 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): the RITA (canaduh), Pedestrian Deposit, Oscillating Innards, redglare, Suicidal Tendons, genius females
20 May 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Dung Mummy, Romak and the Space Pirates, +DOG+, Jessica Catron, Bob Bellerue / halfnormal, Metaphysical Banana Cemetary
May 2005? @ CalArts Main Gallery: Tanz Inferno's "El Norte" (soundscore by Bob Bellerue)
7 May 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Benefit for Tarantula Hill -w/ the Haters, joseph hammer / mitchel brown duo, Sharon Cheslow, toxic loincloth, Improvisatyrs, Wire Werewolves, Robedoor, Slujun, Unwrinkled Origami, Garbage in Honey
26 April 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Dead/Bird, Oscillating Innards, Blüd Thirst vs. The Cherry Point, KILT, Argumentix
21 April - 12 May 2006 @ Track 16 Gallery (Santa Monica CA): Empire of Teeth's “The Crook: A Revival” (live soundtrack + sound installations in exhibition)
24 Mar 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): JT's Friends Forever? or did David Scott Stone play ?, KILT, INRL (members of laco$te) or were they called Big Dick Jr.?, Clancy Pearson, Octavius Poirier
19 March 2006 @ Eat Records (Greenpoint NY): Bryan Eubanks & David Kendall, Bob Bellerue
16 mar 2006 @ Brooklyn Naval Yards: David Kendall, Bob Bellerue, Albert Ortega, Jonathan Zorn, Rachel Thompson, Adrew Lafkas, Bruce Tovsky, Chris De Laurenti
15 March 2006 @ The Lucky Cat (Brooklyn NY): PAGE 27 + NOVA-SAK, REDGLAER, THE SEVEN ARTS
13 Mar 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): Abiku (baltimore), redglare v. andorkappen, more ?
10/11 Mar 2006 @ New Genre Festival, Living Arts (Tulsa OK): Empire of Teeth's "Last Waltz" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue) link
24 Feb 2006 @ Il Corral (LA): SMD, Vegan Murderers, Scurvy Dogs [Oakland]
2-5 Feb 2006 @ Miles Playhouse (Santa Monica CA): Rochelle Fabb's "Last Waltz" (soundscore by Bob Bellerue)
28 Jan 2006 @ Il Corral: rubberO cement, allen pyle, toxic loincloth, redglare, moth drakula

16-18 Dec 2005 @ TURN THE SCREWS festival of love and noise, Il Corral (LA): 16bitchpileup, spastic colon, damion romero, kitten sparkles, roman torment, tralphaz, jarrett silberman, goneness (bob bellerue + wanda gala), robedoor, obstacle corpse, open city, scott arford, mitchell brown, chris musgrave, privy seals vs. exjesus vs. circuit wound vs. pedestrian deposit, david rothbaum / jessica catron, feed the dragon, laco$te, jewish uprising, dog shit taco, gowns, t/r, swinging chandeliers, raven chacon, carey fosse, adam overton, kevin shields, david kendall's pity party (w/ Christan Cruz, Daniel Munoz, Leticia Castaneda, Sandor Finta, Bill Hutson), tape assemblage, bavab bavab, hot ticket press
3 Dec 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): BED (Mitchell Brown, Bryan Eubanks, Jeremy Drake), David & David (a.k.a. Rothbaum & Kendall), Adam Overton, redglare
19 NOV 2005 @ +TERMINAL+ (Oakland CA): Pulse Emitter, Solo Belss, Noise Cop, Feed the Dragon, the Long and Short of It
2 Nov 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): android outhouse (bellerue stinson), tom heasley, david rothbaum, smgsap
29 Oct 2005 @ Night of the Living, 18th St Arts Center: Bob Bellerue "Oroboros" sound installation
15 Oct 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Pechuga (texas), redglare, AMK, ex-jesus, privy seals

RAVEN CHACON AND BOB BELLERUE WestNorthWestSouthWest Tour 2005************
9 Oct 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): KILT (Bellerue / Chacon): 16 bitch pile-up, SIXES, Spencer Yeh ++ Damion Romero, Paul Flaherty ++Chris Corsano ++ Nels Cline, and MC Traichiotomy
8 Oct 2005 @ some slick warehouse (North Las Vegas NV): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Sweetist Peak Indicator
7 Oct 2005 @ Exxon Valdez (Albuquerque NM): Raven Chacon, Bob Bellerue, Real Live Tigers, Alan George Ledergerber, Roundhole and the Square Pegs.
7 Oct 2005 5pm @ Festival de Arte (Albuquerque NM): Raven Chacon + Bob Bellerue collab
6 Oct 2005 @ Thee Where House (Albuquerque NM): Raven Chacon, Bob Bellerue, Alchemical Burn, Cobra Group, Terrorstate, Alan George Ledergerber
5 Oct 2005 @ MonkeyMania (Denver CO): Raven Chacon, Bob Bellerue, page27, Carrion Crawler?
4 Oct 2005 @ Noise Dinner, private party, email for info
3 Oct 2005 @ ELK (Boise ID): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, D.R.R.ON.E and guests
2 Oct 2005 @ Baltic Room / No Tomorrow (Seattle WA): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon
30 Sept 2005 @ Hotel (Portland OR): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Dead/Bird, Space Hawk, Jascha Ephraim (is that Josh Hydeman's pseudonym?)
28 Sept 2005 @ Dunes (Portland OR): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Nux, Mike Tamburo
27 Sept 2005 @ DIVA (Eugene OR): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Warning Broken Machine, i.n.r.i., Earthquake Retrofit
26 Sept 2005 @ Terminal (Oakland CA): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Gerritt, Vulcanus 68, Gregg Kowalsky -AKA- Quasar Fuck
25 Sept 2005 NOON @ Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, ArtSF (San Francisco CA): Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Magnetic Stripper, Aviatrix, and Brain Scrape ************

Sept 2005? @ KXLU (LA): Bob Bellerue live set on Damion Romero's "Psychotechnics"
16 September 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Sharon Cheslow, Albert Ortega + Maile Colbert, Wanda Gala + Bob Bellerue, Obstacle Corpse, Impregnable
11 Sept 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Francisco Meirino aka phroq, BELSS (Gust Burns, Bryan Eubanks, Leif Sundstrom, Andrew Lafkas, Cameron Stevens), Kraig Grady, Kendall Ortega Bellerue and Young
10 Sept 2005 @ The Sounds Around IV, The Dome Room (Long Beach CA): phroq, Bob Bellerue, Impregnable, Glenn Bach
31 August 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): She-Rat, Obstacle Corpse, Feed the Dragon, Skull Skull, LeslieQ
20 Aug 2005 @ Sound Walk (Long Beach CA): "to have done with the judgement of god" driving installation
14 August 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Alan George Ledergerber, Alchemical burn, Raven Chacon, Privy Seals, halfnormal
August 2005? @ Boulder Fringe Fest (Boulder CO): collab with Novasak, maybe also a gig in Denver?
10 August 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): , Dead/Bird, Yuma Nora, Quem Quaeritis, Weirdo/Begeirdo, Halfnormal
6 aug 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Seers (Gerritt and Pete Jyrk), Damion Romero, Geese (Shiflet, kudler, zeh trio), feed the dragon
29-31 july 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Automata presents the Little Fakers' Sunset Chronicles episode 2 (urban marionettes)
july 2005? @ LA Theater Center: Enpire of Teeth's "A Crook: A Revival" (soundscore by Bob Bellerue)
24 july 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Friday Group, Zaika, dave/kelly, andorkappen++halfnormal
26 june 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): sixes, damion romero, amk, redglare, privy seals
23 june 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): bike summer event
20 June 20, 2005 @ line space line (LA): Albert Ortega, Tom Grimley, Bob Bellerue/halfnormal press
4/5 June 2005 @ LA Sound/Shift, Art Space LA: 6 hour improvistions with dozens of performers
1 june 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): baiyon (japan), anna homler+ steuart liebig, sykora, dRothbaum/jDrake/bBellerue, rentRomus/cjReavenBorosque
30 may 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Nova-sak (Denver), Page27 (Denver), Syphilis Sauna (Seattle), Raven Chacon (albqrq / la), send my regards (oxnard), halfnormal
29 May 2005 @ the Booby Trap (Long Beach CA): Novasak, page27, Men Who Can't Love, Offal, halfnormal
26 may 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): crash/fall benefit
21 may 2005 @ Rocktop&tc, Il Corral: Clay Chaplin, Masahiko Sunami, Bob Bellerue, Stane Hubert, Adam Overton, David Kendall
may ?? 2005 @ Il Corral: Wolf Eyes, Andorkappan, Bob Bellerue / halfnormal
24 april 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Physic4 = carey fosse, sean carny, david rothbaum++jessica catron, stane hubert, david kendall, bob bellerue

West Coast mini-tour w/ Adam Overton, Bob Bellerue and Albert Ortega (with some Feed the Dragon sets)***********
3 April 2005 @ 21Grand (Oakland, CA)
1-3 April 2005 @ PDX Noise Fest, Reed College (Portland OR): Guilty Connector, Bastard Noise, Emil Beauileau, The Rita, Oscillating Innards, Deadly Orifice, Bdong, Pop Culture Rape Victim, Behalf, Lethal Firetrap, Hospital, Sickness, Xome, Pedestrian Deposit, Hum of the Druid, Nkondi, Okha, Feed The Dragon
31 Mar 2005 @ Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)
30 Mar 2005 @ Dunes (Portland, OR) press
29 Mar 2005 @ DIVA (Eugene, OR): w/ Warning Broken Machine press
28 Mar 2005 @ Espresso Roma Cafe (Davis CA)**********

26 March 2005 @ KFJC: call-in live performance (supposed to be a live show to open the tour above.....)
16 Mar 2005 @ The Smell: Josh Taylor's Friends Forever, Die Die Die, Anavan, Feed The Dragon
13 March 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Oscillating Innards, Tralphaz, T/R, pedestrian deposit, improvisatyrs, /// (david cotner)
10 feb 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Sejayno, Sons of Damien, Resontrope (birth of Feed the Dragon) , Lorin Edwin Parker
30 Jan 2005 @ Il Corral (LA): Yuko Nexus 6, Masahiko Sunami, Maile Colbert, Bob Bellerue / halfnormal

20 Nov 2004 @ Dangerous Curve (LA): Bob Bellerue's "Oroboros" improvisation (listed as "monster music experimentalist" by eXperienceLA)
14 Nov 2004 @ Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Michael Intriere + Anna Homler, j.frede, Bob Bellerue, Adam Overton flyer
6 Nov 2004 @ Dangerous Curve (LA): Linda J. Albertano, Ry Rocklen, Bob Bellerue/halfnormal press
30 Oct 2004 @ Nightmare on 18th Street, 18th St Arts Center: Bob Bellerue "Oroboros" sound installation
14 Oct 2004 @ Nude Media Night, CalArts: Vivian Babuts, Bob Bellerue/halfnormal, Ezra Buchla, Dave Burns, Raven Chacon, D. Jean Hester, David Kendall, Kadet Kuhne, Mahsa Matin w/ Robert Hanson and Tania Padilla, Adam Overton, and Niko Solorio w/ Cris Luna and Kyle Ross

Southwest Mini-Tour Adam Overton, Bob Bellerue & Raven Chacon (aka the BxAxRx tour)*******
10 Oct 2004 @ Old Curtis Street Bar (Denver, CO): Adam Overton, Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon, Encomiast,
9 Oct 2004 @ Solarts (Albuquerque, NM)
8 Oct 2004 @ 3rd Annual High Mayhem Festival (Santa Fe, NM) press
7 Oct 2004 @ The Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ) press ********

28 June 2004 @ FREEEARS, Highways Performance Space: Georg Nussbaumer, Bob Bellerue, Peter Kolovos & Samon Takahashi, John Wiese
28/29 May 2004 @ Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, Henry Miller Memorial Library (Big Sur CA): Sound/Shift with Ignaz Shick, Mitchell Brown, David Kendall, Bob Bellerue, tons more
16/17 April 2004 @ Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica): Greatfruit Collective's "Lose Me on the Way" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue)
4 APRIL 2004 @ physic3, Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Tom Heasley, Liam Mooney, DRIVE (Kadet Kuhne ++ Jen Boyd), Jeremy Drake, David Kendall, ISOTOMER EGGPLANT (Shane Hubert ++ Mike Robbins ++ Raven Chacon). installations by Albert Ortega and Jeff Cain. photography by Wild Don Lewis and Leticia Castaneda. (curated by BB)
25 Jan 2004 @ Strictly Ballroom, Campbell Recital Hall, Stanford University: Bob Bellerue solo evening w/ "Threat Level Charlie", "Out of the Box" and "Gong Listrik"
22 Jan 2004 @ Portastatics, Salvation Theater (LA): Djalma Primordial Science, Bob Bellerue + Wanda Gala, Justin Veach, Adam Overton (curated by BB) flyer
5 Jan 2004 @ line space line, Salvation Theater (LA): Bob Bellerue's "Gong Listrik" and another group.....

2 Nov 2003 @ The Smell (LA): Improvisatyrs, and others

Bob Bellerue southwest tour 2003*********
12 Oct 2003 @ The Space? (Albuequerque NM): Djalma Primordial Science, Bob Bellerue / halfnormal
11 Oct 2003 @ Evan's Warehouse (Denver CO): burner party with Halfnormal
10 Oct 2003 @ Monkeymania (Denver CO): Bob Bellerue / halfnormal, page27, and others
2 & 3 Oct 2003 @ Living Arts New Genre Festival, Nightingale Theater (Tulsa OK): Bob Bellerue's "Threat Level Charlie" solo concert
29 Sept 2003 @ KGNU (Boulder CO): live improvisations with Farrel Lowe
27 sept 2003 @ Cordell Taylor Gallery (Denver CO): Bob Bellerue's Threat Level Charlie, and collaborations with Farrel Lowe
26 sept 2003 @ Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (Boulder CO): Bob Bellerue's Threat Level Charlie, and collaborations with Farrel Lowe press *******

21 Aug 2003 @ Cole's (LA): John Wiese, Gerritt Witmer, Improvisatyrs
July 2003 @ Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival (Java, Indonesia): Bob Bellerue "Gamelan Listrik", and collaboration with Marc Lannelongue press (someone please help me translate this!)

Improvisatyrs West Coast tour 2003*******
29 June 2003 @ SIMM Series/Outsound Research, Musicians Union Hall (SF): The Improvisatyrs with David Kendall & Bob Bellerue
28 June 2003 @ Jasmine Tree (Portland OR): SLEEPING WITH THE EARTH, IMPROVISATYRS, and SLEIGHTED
27 June 2003 @ SoundVision (Portland OR): Improvisatyrs: Bob Bellerue and David Kendall
26 June 2003 @ Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics (Olympia WA): Bert Wilson / Nancy Curtis /Craig Hoyer, Gust Burns / Annie Lewandowski / Tom Swafford / Heather Gibbons, Billy Mintz, Improvisatyrs, Allen and Pat Strange, Aaron Russell, Vis a Viscera
24 June 2003 @ Coffee Messiah (Seattle): Improvisatyrs, Old Time Relijun
21 June 2003 @ 7hz (San Francisco CA): Zbiegniew Karkowski, Improvisatyrs, Sickness, MK9
20 June 2003 @ 21 Grand (Oakland CA): Improvisatyrs, Spore Attic, darph/nadeR
18 June 2003 @ Trummerflora Collective (San Diego CA): Improvisatyrs: Bob Bellerue and David Kendall
18 June 2003 (1230am) @ KXLU: Improvisatyrs live on Damion Romero's show Psychotechnics*******

1 May 2003 @ IMbedded, CalArts (Valencia): Carole Kim / Astra Price / Bob Bellerue's "Sweet Mud" sound and video performance
17/18 April 2003 @ Gallery D200, CalArts (Valencia): Lauren Hartman's "Out of Me and Into You" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue)
8 April 2003 @ Recit*l, Main Gallery, CalArts (Valencia): Bob Bellerue's "Chthonic Discourse" and "Threat Level Charlie"
2 April 2003 @ Laptop competition, Knitting Factory (Hollywood): Bob Bellerue's "Out of the Box" and others
15 Mar 2003 @ Broken Antlers, Elk Lodge (Castaic): Bob Bellerue's "Full Xtent" and others
23 Feb 2003 @ Physic2, Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Bob Bellerue's "Cane-Ar Obsoletronestra" and others (curated by BB) flyer
29 January 2003 @ Improvised Music Series, the SMELL (LA): Tom Heasley, Bob Bellerue
10-12 Jan 2003 @ CEAIT Festival, CalArts: Bob Bellerue's "Out of the Box" and many others press
8 Jan 2003 @ Improvised Music Series, the SMELL: Bob Bellerue/David Kendall duo, Joe Lake, Rick Potts

13 Dec 2002 @ KSPC (Pomona CA): live on-air improvisation with David Kendall
24 Nov 2002 @ Beyond Music Series, Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Joe Potts, Mitchell Brown and Leticia Castaneda, and Bob Bellerue's "bocaFantasma" sound installation (curated by BB) press

Bob Bellerue / halfnormal West Coast tour*********
4 Oct 2002 @ KFJC (Los Altos Hill CA): Bob Bellerue's "Threat Level Charlie", "Shredware" and interview live on-air
3 Oct 2002 @ KDVS: Bob Bellerue's "Out of the Box" and "Shredware" live on-air
2 Oct 2002 @ 21Grand (Oakland CA): Bob Bellerue/Halfnormal, Roddy Schrock, N factorial
28 Sept 2002 @ Polestar Music Gallery (Seattle WA): Bob Bellerue / halfnormal solo show
27 Sept 2002 @ Jasmine Tree (Portland OR): Bob Bellerue / halfnormal, Eveline's Klang Quintet and Nequaquam Vacuum
26 Sept 2002 @ Luggage Store, 509 Cultural Center: Bob Bellerue, Sagan (members of Lesser and Blechdom From Blechtum)********

1-15 Sept 2002 @ Wedge Installation Gallery (Los Angeles): Bob Bellerue's "Hellbox" sound installation
13 Aug 2002 @ SPARC (LA): improvisations with Carey Fosse, DJ Bone Brake, and others
12 Aug 2002 @ line space line, Salvation Theater (Silverlake): Bob Bellerue and Carey Fosse
13-14 July 2002 @ Platinum Oasis, Outfest 2002, Coral Sands Motel (Hollywood): Bob Bellerue's "Monster in the Closet" sound installation press
1 July 2002 @ max10, Electric Lodge (Venice CA): Bob Bellerue's "Out of the Box" and others
22 June 2002 @ Flophouse, Crazy Space (Santa Monica): June Incident/ No Hula (performance installation with Carol McDowell)
5 June 2002 @ Glossalalia, KXLU, 88.9 FM (LA): Bob Bellerue's "Threat Level Charlie" and Liam Mooney's Squid
3 May 2002 @ Maintaining the Myth (Remix), an installation by Michael Casselli, CalArts: feedback mixing by Bob Bellerue
2 May 2002 @ Integrated Media Night, CalArts: Bob Bellerue and Carole Kim's "Tube~"
20 abril 2002 @ errrorclub, Game-B (Barcelona)
19/20 abril 2002 @ Centre Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona: Bob Bellerue's "Threat Level Charlie", top honors at the Tirranea sound art competition
17 Mar 2002 @ Physic, Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Bob Bellerue's "Threat Level Charlie" (curated by BB) flyer
22 Feb 2002 @ Cage Festival, CalArts: Bob Bellerue's "Imaginary Landscapes #5 for any 42 Phonograph Records by John Cage (performance a realization in code)" press
13 Jan 2002 @ CEAIT Festival, CalArts: Bob Bellerue "Threat Level Charlie" and many others press

27 Oct 2001 @ Darkness & Light, the Judson Studios (Pasadena CA): Threat Level Charlie (performance installation with Carol McDowell)
24 Aug 2001 @ Beyond Music Festival, Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Bob Bellerue, Matthew O'Donnell, Jason Kahn, Randy H. Y. Yau/ Scott Arford
15-17 May 2001 @ Rainforest IV, California Institute of the Arts/Getty Research Center: Bob Bellerue's "TCEX (gastank and truckspring)"
7 May 2001 @ Max10 (Venice CA): She's the dog and i'm the dog's dog (i don't remember what i did, but apprently it involved a guitar and my voice)
June 2001? @ some kind of event in LA: (the KXLU set below was intended to promote it but i can't remember what it was)
13 June 2001 @ KXLU: Bob Bellerue / halfnormal live on Damion Romero's "Psychotechnics"
16/17 Mar 2001 @ Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA): Carol McDowell's "Translations: a dance score with video" (soundscore by Bob Bellerue)

1997 @ Space for Dance (Boulder): Bob Bellerue's "Kill the Apple" and others
1995-98 @ A Changing Scene (Denver), Space For Dance (Boulder), Chatauqua Community House (Boulder), Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica): Carol McDowell's "fugue; no blood; a lullaby" (soundtrack by Bob Bellerue)
1993-98: Balinese gamelan with Gamelan Tunas Mekar (dozens of gigs around Denver, Boulder, Laramie, Steamboat Springs, and Bali)
1992-95 @ The Naropa Institute: solo & ensemble performance art works, poetry, Balinese gamelan, studio recording experiments, theater and sound tech work
1989-97: hundreds of poetry readings around San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boulder and Denver
1988-90: member of Bizarro Sun (playing gigs with Crashworship, Pitchfork, Daddy Long Leggs, and various others around San Diego)
1987-1991: core member Che Cafe, booking about 100 shows with bands such as Man Is The Bastard, Infest, Crossed Out, Citizen Fish, Chumbawamba, Eve Libertine, Crash Worship, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt, Fish Wife, Tit Wrench, Fugazi, Rorschach, Born Against, Heroin, Daddy Long Leggs (the greatest band you've never heard of), the list goes on.....
1987-1992: pagan skin beaters / super sonic samba school / hundreds of drum circles and marches around San Diego


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