Bob Bellerue / Blessed Thistle / KILT - sound recordings and links


BANDCAMP - many old albums recently uploaded


Amigos de la Contaminacion Sonora digital release: Blessed Thistle "Mozes & Merzbah"


Clocktower Radio / Playing Hooky live on-air recording:


Alrealon Musique digital release: From Z to A: not yes and not no 


Bob and Wanda Gala performing live at Wave Farm on WGXC (June 28 2014):


Bob live in the ORF Studios (Vienna) - recorded July 2013, broadcast Feb 2014:


KILT (Bob Bellerue and Raven Chacon) live at Ende Tymes Festival, Silent Barn, 24 May 2013. more info



Diablo (Bob Bellerue solo) live at Ende Tymes, Secret Project Robot, 19 May 2012


Bob Bellerue performs "Rainbow Luthiers of the Dusk" at Radio Ruido 22 Nov 2010


live on WFMU - KILT (Bob Bellerue & Raven Chacon) performs "Fire Horse" and "Sandor's Hammor" on "My Castle of Quiet" hosted by Wm Berger, 23 June 2010 more info



Z'EV and Bob Bellerue perform live at Diapason Gallery, 9 June 2010



live on WFMU - Diablo (Bob Bellerue solo) performs "Hollow Body" on "My Castle of Quiet" hosted by Wm Berger, 14 April 2010 more info



live on WFMU - Bob Bellerue performs "Longmont Improvisation" on Marty McSorley's show, 7 Oct 2009 more info





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