Bob Bellerue sound / visual installations


Cold Cauldron (2010)

Timpani drum(s), speakers, source material

exhibition history:
24-26 Sept 2010 @ "Spun 3.The Crest Jewel of" group show, St Cecilia's Convent (Brooklyn NY)
2-5 June 2016 @ Ende Tymes Festival, Knockdown Center (Queens NY)

installation view at Knockdown Center (2016) 


Bad Piano (2005)

piano soundboard, speakers, amps, pickups, contact mics


The Weight Of Knowledge (2010)

clawfoot bathtub, speaker driver, contact mics, a fat book about Einstein




Hollow Body

hollow body guitar, speaker drivers, amplifier



Boca Fantasma

vocal samples (low and high tones), Supercollider patch, speakers




found objects, speaker drivers, contact mics, midi mixer, Max/MSP patch



Monster In The Closet

record players, Supercollider patch, stereo system







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