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Bob Bellerue is a noise composer, experimental musician, and creative technician based in Brooklyn NY. Over the last 30 years he has been involved in a wide range of experimental and extreme sonic activities – noise art, experimental / abstract music, junk metal percussion ensembles, Balinese gamelan, sound scores for dance/ theater/ video/ performance art, and sound / video installations. His electronic sound work is focused on resonant feedback systems, using amplified instruments/ objects/ spaces/ circuits in combination with electronics and Supercollider programming. Bob's work has been presented at The Kitchen, Issue Project Room, MOMA/PS1, Experimental Intermedia, Cafe Oto, Fylkingen, EMS, the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, LUFF Festival, Akouphene Festival, Sonic Circuits Festival, Living Arts of Tulsa's New Genre Festival, CEAIT Festival, Ende Tymes Festival, Denver Noise Festival, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, PDX Noise Festival, Cave12, Diapason Sound Gallery, Roulette, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Elastic Arts, Here Art Center, Radio Epsilonia (Paris), WFMU, WKCR, WNYU, KFJC, KXLU, East Village Radio, NYU, the Art Institute of Chicago, Stanford University, The New School, UCSD, and UCLA. His discography includes dozens of releases on Elevator Bath Records, iDeal Recordings, Banned Productions, Fabrica, P-Tapes, RRR Records, Love Earth Music, Prison Tatt Records, Los Discos Enfantasmes, Zelphabet, Peyote Tapes, No Rent Records, Important Records, and his own Anarchymoon Recordings and Sleepy Hollow Editions. He curates and produces the Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation (currently in its 10th edition). He was formerly based in Los Angeles, where he ran the sub-garde experimental music/performance space the Il Corral, and curated the Beyond Music series and festival.  He works as an audio engineer and technical director, working presently for Issue Project Room and a handful of clients in the NYC area.

contact and more info:

MFA Composition - New Media, California Institute of the Arts (May 2003)
BA Writing & Poetics, Naropa University (May 1995)


Honors / Awards
Emergency Funds grant for Oroboros (2017)
Presentation Funds grant for Ende Tymes (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017x2)
Finishing Funds grant for "Damned Piano" 2xLP (2014)
Top Honors: Threat Level Charlie, Periòdic Sound Art Competition, Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona (April 19 - 20, 2002)
CalArts Interdisciplinary Grant (for Out of Me and Into You, November 2002)


Bob Bellerue "Ascetic Addict" c52 (ANNIHILVS)
Bizaar Bazaar Compilation #2 (BIZAAR BAZAAR)
Bob Bellerue "Music of Liberation" 2xLP (Elevator Bath)
Bob Bellerue "ALL IN" CS (Anarchymoon Recordings)
Bob Bellerue "Yamaha Deluxe" 2xCD (iDeal Recordings)
V/A "ROGUE PULSE / GRAVITY COLLAPSE" 10xCD Benefit Compilation (Ratskin Records)
V/A “Psychotropes” CS (Continuum)
V/A "Approach to Fear: Regeneration" CS (Karl Schmidt Verlag)
Bob Bellerue "Gaucho Sessions" download (Anarchymoon)
V/A "Rise William Rise" digital download (Opposite Records)
V/A "Notes From Sub-Underground" digital download (Object Collection)
Bob Bellerue "Piano Gaucho" CS (No Rent Records 2016)
Bob Bellerue "From Z to A: Not Yes, and Not No" digital download (Alrealon Musique)
V/A "Alrealon Musique Presents:-:::From A To U:::" CD (Alrealon Musique, distributed in The Wire Jan 2016)
Bob Bellerue "Damned Piano" 2xLP (Anarchymoon Recordings 2015)
KILT "She's Got The Devil In Her Heart" CS (Fabrica Records)
Bob Bellerue "Cure The Antidote" lathe-cut EP (no label, 2015)
Bob Bellerue “Hollow Body” 2xCS (Los Discos Enfantasmes 2014)
Bob Bellerue “Cure The Antidote” CS (Los Discos Enfantasmes 2014)
Bob Bellerue "Brokelyn" LP (Love Earth Music 2014)
Diablo / Wapstan "Orgone" split c40 (Brise-Cul Records 2013)
Dementia and Hope Trails, Boar, Bob Bellerue "The Three Pound Enigma" c90 (Null Religion Records 2013)
V/A "St Pete Noise Fest 6" benefit compilation c120 (Boredom Records 2013)
Bob Bellerue "Butcher's Broom" LP (Prison Tatt)
Bob Bellerue "Brokelyn" LP (Love Earth Music)
V/A "Soup of Freak" C62 (Rainbow Bridge 2013)
Bob Bellerue "Winds" C40 (Sleepy Hollow Editions 2013)
Bob Bellerue "Winds2" C60 (Sleepy Hollow Editions 2013)
Bob Bellerue "Fine Phenomena" C10 (Robert & Leopold 2013)
KILT "Culos Asados" C40 (Obsolete Units 2013)
Bob Bellerue "Visceral Communication" C40 (Sleepy Hollow Editions 2013)
Diablo "Twins" C10 (Sleepy Hollow Editions 2012)
Diablo "Twins2" C30 (Sleepy Hollow Editions 2012)
KILT "Into The Red, Into The Black" C30 (Banned Production 2012)
KILT "Santa Muerte" LP (Anarchymoon, Sicksicksick, Universal Consciousness 2012)
VA "Wire Tapper CD vol 26" (The Wire Aug 2011): Bob Bellerue's "Niagara (excerpt)"
V/A "The Noise From Ridgewood " 2x CDr and digital download: Terrier "10/31/10 excerpt"
Andrew Coltrane / Bob Bellerue "A Confederassy of Burnt Bridges" split 12" (Anarchymoon 2011)
KILT "Kitchen Sorcery" CD (Prison Tatt 2011)
Bob Bellerue "Steinway" c30 (Banned Productions 2010)
Bob Bellerue "Les Fins du Monde" c30 (Hermitage Tapes 2010)
Bob Bellerue / Father of the Flood split c60 (Featherspines 2010)
Redglaer "Petals & Scars" c60 (3rdsex 2010)
Francisco Meirino & Bob Bellerue "Brut" collab CDr (Anarchymoon 2010)
Redglaer "Radioactive Concept" C30 (Abandon Ship 2010)
Diablo "Hollow Body" CDr (Sleepy Hollow Editions 2010)
Bob Bellerue "Sadhana" C40 (Peyote Tapes 2010)
"Power/field 2" compilation 2xCDr (Anarchymoon Recordings 2010)
Hector Cuvelier & Emile De Potter / Bob Bellerue split 2x 3"CDr (Anarchymoon 2010)
Bob Bellerue & Jarrett Silberman "Amplified Piano Duets" 12” / CDr (Anarchymoon Recordings 2009)
KILT "Vaya Con Nada" 3" CDr (Small Doses 2009)
KILT "Chrome Bellows" C46 (Peyote Tapes 2009)
Telecult Powers and Bob Bellerue "Baked in the Kitchen" c40 (Baked Tapes 2008)
Redglaer "WWM Bomb" c20 (Together Tapes 2008)
KILT & Sanguine Vessel CDr (Breathmint 2008)
VA "Below PDX Mix Tape #1" c54 (Below PDX)
KILT / Feed The Dragon / Improvisatyrs "T.U.R.D." 3x3” CDr (Banned Productions, 2008)
"Zelphabet Vol B" CD (Zelphabet 2008)
Redglaer “Accidental Variations of a untitled 36 second Redglaer track” CDr (Breathmint 2008)
Purple Pansy "Maul Nutrition" 3" CDr (no label 2008)
Redwound "Dark Dog Daze" 12" EP (Anarchymoon Recordings 2008)
KILT "Snow White In Hell" LP (Anarchymoon Recordings 2007)
VA "Sound CD #3" (SASSAS)
Suara Liwet "Il Bagus Corral" CDr (Sycophanticide 2007)
VA "Orthopedics" CDr (Iatrogenesis 2007)
Redglaer "American Masonry" 10" EP / CD (Anarchymoon Recordings 2006/7)
"Power/field" compilation 2xCDr (Anarchymoon Recordings 2007)
KILT / The Sunken "Fuck The Rich (all night long)" collab CDr (Barfing Dagger 2007)
Redglaer "aneleutheromania" c60 (Anarchymoon 2007)
Bob Bellerue / loopool split c42 (Psychform 2007)
Redglaer "Recycled Music" C40 (RRR 2007)
Raven Chacon / Redglare split c20 (Stentorian Tapes 2006)
Dead Wolf Black / KILT split c20 (Bastardised 2006)
KILT / Dead Wolf Black split CDr (Bastardised 2006)
Roman Torment / Feed the Dragon split 12" EP (Anarchymoon Recordings 2006)
KILT "sharp dark love" 3” CDr (Experimental Musical Recordings 2006)
"LA Noisescape" CD (Bastardised 2006)
Redglaer "cranky" 7" (Static Aktion 2006)
Redglaer "Buried with Freedom" 3" cdr (Amorf Sounds 2006)
"Corral Comp 2005" compilation 2xCDr (Anarchymoon Recordings 2006)
VA "Fossil Species" (Roil Noise 2006)
English / Torturing Nurse / Stimbox / Redglare split CDr (Obscurica 2005)
Redglaer "go for broke" c20 (Anarchymoon 2006)
Bob Bellerue "f*cking piano" 3” CDr (p-tapes 2006)
Feed the Dragon "smellt" 3" CDr (Anarchymoon 2005)
VA "The Swamp Comp Vol III" 2x CDr (Swamp of Pus 2005)
VA "microphone compilation" CDr (Iatrogenesis 2005)
Bob Bellerue / halfnormal "distant extrema" 3" CDr (Anarchymoon 2005)
Feed The Dragon "Çhufffecaaaack!" 2x C10 (Anarchymoon 2005)
Bob Bellerue / halfnormal "piano*cat" CDr (Anarchymoon 2005)
redglare ++ Raven Chacon split c20 (Anarchymoon 2005)
halfnormal ++ nova-sak "Intershitzes" collab c60 (Anarchymoon / Swamp of Pus 2005) & digital release (Smell the Stench 2007)
Dead/bird-Redglare split 2x3” CDr (Anarchymoon Recordings 2005)
"ABQ=/=LAX" 5-way split 7" (Anarchymoon Recordings 2005)
Bob Bellerue / halfnormal "maltcrook" 3” CDr (Experimental Musical Recordings 2005)
Improvisatyrs "Fragrants" CDr (Anarchymoon 2003)
Bob Bellerue / Halfnormal "Threat Level Charlie" CD (Anarchymoon Recordings 2002)
Bob Bellerue / halfnormal "blazing grace" 3" (banned productions 2002)

Soundtracks for Performance and Film
Maclean Frey "(untitled)" (2019): NYU Tisch
Jon David Casey "603" (2013 & 2016): La Mama Galleria, Dixon Place
Jeff Donaldson and Bob Bellerue "Issue Chambers" (2015): Experimental Intermedia, Ende Tymes Festival, Luminous Surface
Bob Bellerue and Wanda Gala "Wild Ghosts" (2014): Ende Tymes Festival
Wanda Gala “Heart Duet” (2014): Silent Barn
Wanda Gala "Constellation Dances" (2013): Silent Barn, Chen Dance Center, Chez Bushwick
"Mr Jones" feature film (2013): source material used in sound design by Herwig Maurer 
Wanda Gala, Brooke Smiley, and Bob Bellerue "Appenzeller" (2010): Highways Performance Space
Bob Bellerue and Wanda Gala "deText" (2009): Chez Bushwick
Michael Sakamoto, Waewdao Sirisook, Bob Bellerue and Amy Knowles "Annatta - what you think" (2008): World Festival of Sacred Music, Highways Performance Space
Wanda Gala's "W Ruchu Na Sko" (2008): Highways Performance Space
Bob Bellerue and Wanda Gala's "Blue Storm" (2008): Cryptic Providence, North Burial Grounds (Providence RI)
Wanda Gala's "Les Biches" (2007): Highways Performance Space
the Greatfruit Collective's "Collision Course" (2007): The Unknown Theater (Hollywood CA)
Empire of Teeth's "Last Waltz" (2006): Miles Playhouse, Living Arts of Tulsa's New Genre Festival
Empire of Teeth's “The Crook: A Revival” (2005/2006): LA Theater Center, Highways Performance Space, Track16 Gallery
the Little Fakers' Sunset Chronicles episode 2 (2005) 
Tanz Inferno's "El Norte" (2005): CalArts Main Gallery 
Greatfruit Collective's "Lose Me on the Way" (2004): Highways Performance Space
Lauren Hartman's "Phant" (2003, 28 min.)
Carol McDowell's "Translations: a dance score with video" (2001): Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA
Carol McDowell’s “Half Full” (1999): Indonesian Dance Festival (Jakarta, East Java, Indonesia); performances at Makasar Arts Forum (Ujungpandang, Sulawesi), TUK Theater (Jakarta, Java), STSI Pendopo (Solo, Java), Solo Festival 2000/2100 Square Feet Theater, and Highways Performance Space (LA, CA)
Carol McDowell's "In the Present" (1999): Makasar Arts Forum (Ujungpandang, Sulawesi); performances at TUK Theater (Jakarta, Java), and Highways Performance Space (LA, CA)
Carol McDowell's "Weather Patterns" (1998): Bob Bellerue's "Holy Footnote" (revision of Allen Ginsberg's "Footnote to Howl" with voice and sound) 
Bob Bellerue's "Kill The Apple" (1997): performance art with text, activities, movement, and sound
Carol McDowell's "Lullaby Fugue" (1995-1998): Space for Dance (Boulder, CO); performances at The Chautauqua Community House (Boulder, CO), The Changing Scene (Denver, CO), Highways Performance Space (LA, CA), and Forum Tari Riau (Sumatra)
Bob Bellerue's "Screaming Geezer" (1995): performance art with broken electronics and a black eye 
Carol McDowell's "Heart Piece" (1995) : music director, live sound artist, and ensemble performer
Forgotten artist "Image-In-Nation" (1991?): composer and live musician

Installations / Exhibitions
4-31 Oct 2018 @ Made In NY Media Center (Brooklyn NY): "Distorted Dharmas" video installation
2-5 June 2016 @ Ende Tymes Festival VI, Knockdown Center (Queens NY): "Cold Cauldron" sound installation
13-17 May 2015 @ Ende Tymes Festival V, Knockdown Center (Queens NY): "Bad Piano" sound installation
11-30 Sept 2011 @ "Symmmys / Assymmmys" solo show @ Small Engine Gallery (Albuquerque NM)
10-12 Dec 2010 @ "Doomsday Art Show" group show, Spectacle Theater (Brooklyn NY): 3 pieces from the Symmmys photo montage series in group show
24-26 Sept 2010 @ "Spun 3.The Crest Jewel of" group show, St Cecilia's Convent (Brooklyn NY): 2 sound installations in group show - "Cold Cauldron" and "The Weight of Knowledge"
14 Aug - 5 Sept 2010 @ "Today Is the Tomorrow You Thought About Yesterday" group show, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center: "Under The Bridge" sound installation
5 June 2011 @ Open Studios group show, Trinity Project/ MIA (Brooklyn NY): 4 selections from the Symmmys photo montage series, and the "Hollow Body" sound installation
2 Oct 2010 @ Open Studios group show, Trinity Project/ MIA (Brooklyn NY): "Cold Cauldron" and "Shaken" sound installations
1-15 Jan 2007 @ Dangerous Curve (LA): Bob Bellerue' s "Beasts and Friends" residency
21 April - 12 May 2006 @ Track 16 gallery (Santa Monica): "Bad Trip Mirror" and "Bad Piano" sound installations as part of "The Crook: A Revival" exhibition
30 Oct 2004 @ Nightmare on 18th Street, 18th St Arts Center: Bob Bellerue "Oroboros" sound installation
Sept/Oct 2004 @ "Double-Take" group show, Brewery Project (LA): "Untitled News Systems" video installation
July 2003 @ Platinum Oasis, Outfest: Bob Bellerue's "Monster in the Closet" sound installation and many others
23 Feb 2003 @ Physic2, Beyond Baroque (Venice CA): Boca Fantasma sound installation
Aug 2002? @ Wedge Studio Gallery: Bob Bellerue's "Hellbox" sound installation
Mar 2002 @ "Smell Art" group show, Crazyspace (Santa Monica CA): "Grass-a-lolly-pop" sculpture
June 2002 @ "Flophouse" performance festival, Crazyspace (Santa Monica CA): "June Incident: No Hula" performance installation with Carol McDowell
Oct 2001 @ “Are You Interested? Darkness & Light” group performance event, Judson Stained Glass Studios (LA): “Waiting to Exhale” performance installation with Carol McDowell

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Paper Cuts Zine #5 (Aug 2010): interview link
entry in the "Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music vol 1" and a track on the enclosed CD (2010) link
subject of several pages with selected quotes in "Experimental music after Los Angeles: Site, power, self, sound" By Barbara Serena Moroncini (2008, University of California, Los Angeles) link
Bring the Noise Project: interview with Bob Bellerue, SD Reader (2006)
cited in "Alternative media" By Chris Atton (2002) link
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some poem published in "Bombay Gin" (1996)
"Zines: Independent Publishing in the Age of Widespread Mechanical Reproduction" by Bob Bellerue (self-published, 1995) link
"Basura" zine (self-published 1992-1996)

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