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thanks especially to Wild Don Lewis - check his stuff out here


Live at Buddyfest 2019 - photo credit Joseph Mauro


Live at Fridman Gallery 2019 - photo credit Lorenzo Sanjuan


Live at Pioneerworks 2017 - photo credit Daniel Johnson


at Red Bull Radio 2017. photo credit Maxwell Schiano


Live at Future Past Studios (Hudson NY) 2016 - photo credits Alexander Perrelli


Live at LUFF Festival 2016 - photo credit Ryo Fujishima


Live at Nothing Changes 2016 - photo credit Nikki Sneakers



Live at Cave12 (Geneva) 2016 - photo credit Michel Moju Vids


photo by Dalila Vaz 2016:


photo by Gillian Leigh Bowling 2015:



photo by Bob 2015:


Live at Galeria Logo (Sao Paulo) 2014 - photo credit Carlos Issa


Live at Incubator Art Center 2014- photos by Scott Friedlander


Beasts & Friends residency at Dangerous Curve - photos by Wild Don Lewis 2007



esdIlCorral.jpg - photo by Wild Don Lewis 2005



Recit*l - photos by Wild Don Lewis 2003: